7 Best Medium Dog Breeds for Family Pet

If you are looking for the perfect family dog; I think a medium dog is ideal for you. These breeds are a great middle-ground between small dogs and huge dogs, and by getting a mixed breed you can have the best of multiple breeds. They have more endurance than larger or smaller dogs, and also have average life spans longer than larger dogs. Medium dogs are the perfect workout companion, and the following are the best medium-sized dogs to consider as a family dog:

Poodles are among the most clever dog breeds. With short hair around their bodies, they can easily be recognized, except for the head, legs, and tail. Owners can choose to groom their own poodles in any way they like, but I think they look funny though. They are known to be active. Poodles can get bored easily and are known to create bad mischief. In general, they are eager to please and are easy to train. The poodle is the perfect pets for those families with kids.

They are very sociable medium dogs with a taste for the wanderlust. They are suitable for families with enough yard space and who love outdoor activities. Beagles are known for their short attention span, and they do not take to training very well, however, some training is needed to checkmate their stubbornness. Because they love to explore, you'll need to keep a close watch on them and provide suitable fencing, including, a sturdy leash when walking your dog. If you adopt a beagle into your family, you must be ready to provide him with constant stimulation. They have a tendency to chase squirrels, cats, and rabbits at will.

Bichon Frise
The bichon frise originated from the Mediterranean area, the breed is considered gentle, sensitive playful, and very affectionate. These medium dogs are also as cute as a button. Bichon fries have white curly fur that doesn't shed much, which makes them a good choice for people with mild allergies. The breed's easy-going temperament will fit right in with any size family.

Labrador Retriever
Another popular choice, the Labrador Retriever is great for families that do a lot, particularly activities that involve water. These dogs frequently have endless energy that is great for keeping up with numerous kids. While originally developed to retrieve birds on hunting trips, the lab is a loyal and devoted family member. Their shorter hair frequently makes them a better choice for families with little time to do their own hair, let alone that of the dog. Labs are available in three standard colors.

Whippets are quiet, small dogs that resemble a very small version of a greyhound. They tend to greet strangers with a kiss and love children. These dogs are very fast and love to chase things so they should be kept on a leash when out on a walk and the yard needs to be secure as well.

Despite their intimidating face, Boxers are usually sweet, friendly dogs. They get their name from their tendency to stand on their rear legs while play fighting and use their front paws for boxing. These dogs are natural guardians that are extremely loyal. It is important to note that Boxers generally prefer the company of people to other dogs. The breed will do well in a quiet home or with an active family.

Springer Spaniel
Both the English the Welsh springer spaniel and the springer spaniel are the perfect family dogs. Growing up, our family pooch was a white and brown Springer Spaniel. This breed is lively and cheerful, but also well mannered. Springer Spaniels are very good with kids and make excellent family dogs.

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