How to Sympathize with Someone Who lost a Dog

I read a story on New York Post about a Florida man who committed suicide after his service dog was killed by an alligator. According to the story, Andrew Epp took his own life a day after his chocolate Lab, Java, died after being attacked by an alligator at Dog Leg Park in Palmetto. The truth is that many owners consider their pet as a member of their family. So, when a pet loss occurs the owner can feel immense grief and sadness.

 Many refer to their dog as "my baby". After the loss, grief can be compared to the loss of a family member. For those you care about, it is natural to want to do something for them but many people do not know what to do for someone who has lost a dog.

Sending a dog sympathy card is a great way to show your care and to send your condolences. There are many card options to choose from. A dog's sympathy card can be as simple as drawing the dog breed on the front and blank inside for your written words. Or, you can find delicately decorated cards with pre-written words of sympathy and encouragement.

It is often hard to know what to say in a pet sympathy card. Hand-written words can show you truly want to offer comfort and support. Here is a suggestion that you can write and is appropriate for pet loss.

Dear (Pet Owner),

I am so sorry for your loss. (Dog's Name) was an amazing (dog). I know how much (he/she) meant to you. I know you two have been together for a very long time and (Pet's Name) was there for you through the most challenging experiences. I know how much you loved (him/her). (He/She) will be sorely missed.

With Sympathy,

 (You’re Name)

If you can remember a funny experience with the dog, it will mean a lot to the owner to reflect on that happy time. It is appropriate to include this memory in the sympathy card as well. A friend who is hurting will find comfort knowing you spent time thinking about them and have not forgotten the dog.

A carefully chosen dog sympathy card will show your support for someone who is grieving and will help in the healing process. For those who want to give something more than a card, a drawn dog portrait is a special memorial idea and beautifully acknowledges the passing of a dearly beloved dog.

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