How to Prevent Dog Licking

Dog licking may be caused by a lot of reasons. It may be due to an itchy feeling brought about by allergies to food, pollen, mold, house dust mites, insect bites, plants, or hundreds of other irritants. Some dogs, on the other hand, lick excessively when they are simply bored or stressed. The following are a number of effective ways to prevent dog licking:

 Examine and change his diet. Dogs tend to be allergic to certain foods. So try giving your dog different food if he is developing allergies with the current one. Also, make sure your pet is not getting food from somewhere else like in the garbage.

Refocus his attention. Another simple yet effective technique you can use to stop dog licking is to divert his attention. When he starts to lick his paws, or your face, or anything at all, try to catch his attention and throw a toy for him to fetch. You can also give him something to chew. This will alleviate licking caused by boredom and stress.  

Increase his exercise. Some dogs tend to lick excessively because they have a lot of energy. So get your pooch's paws moving. If he is tired then he has less energy to lick.

Look closely for fleas. If you find ticks or fleas to your dog then give him a bath with a flea shampoo. Also treat your home and yard with an insecticide spray that will kill eggs, larvae, and adult fleas. Itching has to go away or your dog to stop licking.

 Protect his skin. When a dog licks himself too much for a long time, it is possible to have damaged skin. The resulting sores that can lead to serious infection. Bandage the area or fit your dog with a cone collar to prevent him from licking, giving the affected area a chance to heal.

 Firmly say "no". Dogs want attention, whether it is from good or bad behavior. So if your dog is overdoing the licking, say "no!" firmly. However, do not yell at your pet. Just turn and walk away. Ignore him for a couple of minutes and let her approach you again. If she starts licking again, then repeat your actions. He will quickly learn that licking won't get your attention.

As it is perfectly normal for a dog to express his affection in this manner, excessive licking is a behavior that must be modified to prevent more serious health problems.

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