7 Important Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

Owning a dog is not only about fun, games, and great to cuddle with. They are really great with helping you stay healthy, and even lower your blood pressure. Also, people with pets are diagnosed to have fewer heart attacks and strokes.

You Are Bound To Stay Fit: Having a pet such as a dog gives you no excuses, which means you are pretty much forced to go out and walk your dog on a daily stroll. Dog owners usually are in better shape than people without a pet to walk. You could lose well over 30 pounds if you walk your dog in rain or shine: even 100 degrees to 35.

Keeping You Safe: Dogs can easily calm down the biggest scaredy-cat. People are worried a lot less about getting attacked when they walk together with a canine. Even if your canine isn't big, it doesn't have to be, to perform better. Even a small dog can tell you if something isn't right, with your pooch's amazing sense of smell and hearing.

You Are Not Alone: If you are one of those people who talk to your dog or cat and tell them your problems...well, you aren't crazy. It turns out that fifty percent of adults and seventy percent of children confine in their pet. Having a pet also helps children deal better with the death of a parent, or a family member. You and your dog can get drawn into a tight relationship which gives you the feeling that you go into hardships together, and have fun together-so really...you aren't alone.

Meeting New Friends: Since pets don't have the same way of socializing, dogs, in particular, can drag you into social encounters. What this simply means is getting to know a neighbor even closer and better. You can also meet new friends at dog parks or out in the street. It can really be life-changing.

Helping With Your Heart: It's as simple as this: Petting a dog or cat can easily lower your blood pressure. Although stroking a snake is also another study that was analyzed with people who own snakes. Petting a dog or cat helps your stay in the present, and not dwelling on the future or past, which can cause nervous breakdowns. There was also a study found that when you cuddle with your furry pets, it can give you a chemical boost by releasing some kind of feel-good brain chemicals. Pet owners usually also have lower levels of triglyceride and cholesterol.

Pets Enhancing Immunity: Petting a dog can also raise your levels of immunoglobulin A, which is an antibody that is found to fight off the common cold.

Helping Kids Become Greater People: Boys and girls that live with pets usually grow up to be much more social and outgoing. Allowing boys and girls to take care of the dog and walk it, and also feed and groom, lets them take on the responsibilities from a young age.

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