Your Dogs Need Antioxidants Too

As a caring pet owner, you may wonder if dogs need antioxidants too. After all, they are subject to the same environmental factors that we are. In this article, you'll learn how these supplements can benefit your pet and how to choose one that is effective.

First, let's explore why antioxidants for dog health are important. Although dogs do not have the same worries that we have, they do suffer emotional and physical stress. Like us, they are subject to an environment that is full of harsh chemicals, toxins and pollutants. Like us, their food is denatured and has been grown in soil that is not as mineral rich as it used to be. The water they drink can also be full of chemicals. All this wreaks havoc on the body and breaks down immunity. In addition, if you are absent from your dog for long periods each day, your dog may suffer from the emotional stress of separation. Like us, dogs are social creatures.

This is why dogs need antioxidants. Giving your dog a quality supplement can prevent disease and age-related decline. It can also help protect your dog against cancer and enhance your dog's ability to fight off other immune-related disorders. Beyond this, they can remedy diseases that your vet and medications can't seem to resolve. In fact, antioxidants are the most powerful immune-building substances known today. Even if your dog isn't sick, it is important to get your dog on a daily prevention plan because it just makes sense to do all you can to ensure your pet's vitality and longevity.

One thing you may not be aware of is that animals intuitively know that they need antioxidants which is why you will sometimes see them chewing on plants that grow in your backyard. Due to leash laws, dogs are not free to roam to find the herbs they need, which is why supplements are a necessity. The problem is: there are so many on the market. How do you make the best choice for your dog.

In order to understand what dogs need, researchers looked at the plants that they seek out in the wild. After all, animals instinctively know what they need to eat. Milk Thistle, Cat's Claw and Echinacea are three important herbs. Combined together in a formulation that is easy to give your pet, these herbs build immunity, support growth, cleanse the blood and detoxify the liver. Of course, the supplement company should use the same exacting standards for pet supplements that they do with those for humans. The bottom line is that like us, dogs need antioxidants, so it makes sense to get your pet started on a supplement right away.

Of course, since supplements boost the nutrients in food, make sure to feed your dog a healthy diet. Read the label before feeding your pet commercial brands. Make sure the number one ingredient is meat because dogs are carnivores. Watch out for chemicals, dyes and cheap fillers. Although expensive brands may cost more, your dog will eat less if he is getting the nutrients he needs to feel satisfied. In addition to providing antioxidants for dog health, also make sure to buy a tap filter and give your pet lots of filtered water to drink, so you are not giving him a bowl of chemicals to drink. You do not have to give your pet bottled water which may not be as well filtered as water from your tap filter.

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