How to Keep Your Dog from Becoming Bored

A bored dog can be a recipe for disaster; the dog can chew up your couch, socks, curtains, shoes or anything to make time pass a little faster. Your dog boredom may cause excessive barking and anxiety. In any case, it is not good for your dog as well as your household items. It is really important to keep your dog from becoming bored. Dogs who exhibit such destructive behavior out of boredom often end up in the animal shelters. Most of the owners don't realize that the dog is not trying to be bad at all, he is just misbehaving out of boredom.

Why Dogs Show Destructive Behavior

Dogs are usually intelligent, an energetic creature who needs physical and mental stimulation to keep them content, and when he is bored he makes his own entertainment that owners don't like to see. Leaving your dog alone could be a bad idea, dogs are pack animal they don't like to be alone when they are domesticated they like being with the family members. Spending time with your dog, giving him attention and indulging him into some constructive play control his urge to destroy your things.

Tips To Keep Your Dog From Becoming Bored

So you should try to keep your dog entertained and out of boredom. Here are a few tips which can help you to keep your dog out of boredom:

Give your dog his own toys: Dogs don't like to have human leftovers, they need appropriate toys. When you give an old shoe to your dog to chew on, all shoes may seem the same to him. You have to take some time to teach your dog which shoes are his and which he should not touch. To prevent him getting bored you should buy a few different types of pairs, but put one or two of them out at a time and keep switching those whenever he seems to lose interest in the shoes.

Take a pack walk: Dogs are somewhat wild animals and they like to roam and explore the territory. You should walk your dog at least one time a day. If you have some friends who own a dog too then ask them to join too, it will make more enjoyable for your dog.

Engage in dog activities: Dogs love to do any kind of physical activities like running, tracking, hunting, playing fetch, Frisbee, jogging with their owners, just anything. He needs you to engage some time with him. This physical activity is necessary to burn off his extra energy, so he does not have the energy left to eat your stuff.

Visit a nursing home: You should take your dog to a nursing home where he will meet some well socialized and friendly dogs. Researchers have proved that such type of visit will inspire your dog and new places and experience will help your dog to get socialized.

Take your dog for a trip: You should teach your dog to ride in the vehicle and take him on a trip sometime to a dog-friendly beach or someplace where dogs are allowed.


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