Why Dog Jump Fence?

Jumping fence is a habit in dogs. Every dog wants to jump the fence when his owners are not there to see them. But the question arises that why do owners leave their dogs out of the house when they are not at home. The most common reason for this is the dog's destructive behavior. In order to get rid of the fence jumping problem, dog owners should try to correct this destructive behavior. If your dog is trying to jump a fence or wall that is not more than three feet high, then you can just increase the height of the fence or barrier to stop the dog from jumping.

The habit of jumping the fence can also be because of a social factor. The dog may be just seeking some company of other dogs which he thinks are on the other side of the fence. This type of behavior is common in dogs which are shut out of their homes. But this attempt often just result in dog going back to the front door of the house and requesting the family to take him back in the house. In order to prevent the dog from scratching your front to door in this process, you can install a dog door on it.

If your dog is trying to jump the fence with a determined goal of going on the other side, then he may actually wants to take part in some activity that he has already done before. For example, if you have left your dog out on the streets to play on a Sunday when your kids were home, then he will demand to be set free on the road every time he sees your kids home in the middle of the day. He will show his demand by trying to jump the fence. Therefore, do not make it a pattern with the dog. As if you set him free every time after particular happening then he will make it a habit.

Dog's also jump the fences when they are sexually active. This type of jumping is the hardest one to control and the only way to control it is by keeping your dog inside during that period.

If you have allowed your dog to roam around the neighborhood freely on a regular basis and if you have also allowed him to urinate where ever he wants, then the dog may try to jump the fences. Such dogs would like to go on the other side of the fence to protect their territory, as urinating at a certain place is the sign of marking their territory in dogs. In order to stop this habit in your dog, you must discontinue his walks for some days.

Many pet owners think that marking of territory through urination is necessary in dogs. But the truth is that most dogs that live in cities as pets never get to learn about these idiosyncrasies from their rural cousins. Therefore, they only behave in this manner because they are allowed. If you stop your dog from urinating all around the neighborhood then he will also stop trying to jump the fence.

If your dog is trying to jump the fence, then he may also be frustrated about his confinement in a limited space. Dogs need social interaction and freedom to stay happy. Fence jumping is their attempt to escape and be free.

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