Choosing Between Dog Cesarean and Normal Delivery

Dogs are just like human beings when they are pregnant. They are in constant need of nutrition and veterinary checkups to ensure that the puppies are in their best of health. Also, one way to find out if your dog should undergo cesarean delivery is with the help of laboratory examinations.

Through an x-ray, your veterinarian will be able to tell the number of puppies in your dog's womb. Also, the size of the puppies will be measured against the size of the female dog's tubes. This way, the owners will be able to find out if their dog should undergo cesarean section or normal delivery depending on the ratio of the puppy's size and the tubes of the female.

However, not all people actually go to the veterinarian to have their dogs checked during pregnancy. The safest way to make sure that she delivers safely is by being wide awake during the dog's whelping and actual delivery.

If you notice that the dog has been in labor for more than an hour with no success of pushing the baby out, it would be best to call your veterinarian. In this case, the veterinarian will ask you to bring the dog to the clinic to be able to assist you further.

As soon as the dog is in the clinic, the doctor will assess whether or not it is necessary to perform C-Section on the dog. In most cases, dogs that have bigger studs are the ones that undergo surgery during delivery so you might want to make sure that the stud is smaller.

Remember to always have a number of your veterinarian posted on your fridge. If they do not have 24-hour services, find another one that does so you have somewhere to go to if your female dog decides to give birth in the middle of the night.

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