A woman is eager to remortgage her home to raise £20,000 to save her dog’s life

A woman is remortgaging her house to raise £20,000 for a treatment that will save her dog's life. Nicky Dyson is on a fundraising mission to pay for a surgical treatment that will heal her three years old puppy,
Narla suffers from elbow dysplasia, which causes her bones to remove the protective cartilage, which causes in her bone rubbing against bone when she tries walking.

Nicky, 31, rescued the adorable dog from travelers two years ago; she wants to do everything possible to give her “fur baby" the life she deserves. This includes raising the £20,000 required to pay for complex surgery, which will see the dog having plastic and metal plates inserted into the elbow joints.

She is asking the public to help her and has set up an online fundraising appeal. But Nicki, from Hessle, will go as far as remortgaging her own house if she has to.

The cost of the operation is £8,000 per leg, with additional funds required for after-care and scans. Her pet insurance, which she pays £60 a month, have paid the sum of £6000 so far for the treatment, but the maximum is £7,000 per case. She is asking the public to help her and she has set up an online fundraising appeal. And also hope to far as remortgaging her home if she has to.

She said: 'At the moment I can see happy. In spite of everything, she always wagging her tail and smiles with that funny smile she has. But I want her to return to full health, she is calm and pleasant, she has not had a good start in life and she has always promised to do everything for her that I can.

Narla lives an adorable life where she is pampered with gifts, given luxurious birthday parties and having many friends at doggy cafes. When Nikki discovered that Narla was 13 months old, not 11 years old, as her former owners said, Nikki was shocked to discover that they had missed her first birthday and pledged to make each birthday count.

Despite Narla's minor health problems that were easily eliminated with a visit to the vet, Narla appeared to be in good condition. But disaster occurred in the summer of 2017 when the cruciate ligament in her back knee snapped. Narla had surgery and, fortunately, she was completely cured in time before her second birthday and had a great ceremony in November 2017. Nicky said, ‘when Narla became two, she organized her birthday party with many doggy guests, cakes and party bags.’

She said, "I've made everyone sing happy birthday to her." It is unfortunate that Nara's health did not last long when she suddenly stopped walking, with three of her legs completely rejected to work. It was shown she had a severe form of a devastating and life-threatening condition, elbow dysplasia. She had another operation in January 2018 to remove bone fragments from her hind legs.

Narla became ill again in May 2018 and since then Nikki has traveled the length and breadth of the country to find a veterinarian who can treat Narla. "Over time, it will get worse," Nicky said. "Our only option is to operate; I will not be a responsible owner if I leave it like that." If the operation does not work, we'll leave it, and I cannot think about that. You cannot have a dog with only one leg. "

Nicki has set up a crowdfunding page to raise as much money as possible. She also has several fundraising events and her sister in Australia, Carla, 29, and her mom and dad in Spain are helping out. She will top up the remaining amount with cash raised from her home. Nikki bought her childhood home, a three-bed detached home for 150,000 pounds from her parents when they moved to Spain in October 2017.

She is sure that there will be enough equity in her house, but the money raised is limited because she has to be able to get the repayments. "It's heartbreaking because Narla is very friendly and has given me so much. I’m determined to fight for her until the end,” She said.

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