Six Most Fatal Foods Your Dog Should Avoid

Sometimes it seems like a dog will eat almost anything. It can be very tempting to share what you are eating because of those big eyes that follow every move that you make. You may find yourself tempted to slip your dog some scraps from the dinner table. Before you do, however, you should know that there are some foods you should never feed to your dog. The following are the six most fatal foods your dog should avoid, some of them may surprise you.

Sweets: Although most people already know that chocolates are definitely a no-no for your dog, you should also avoid feeding your dog any types of sweets at all. Sugary foods and drinks can cause your dog to suffer from obesity, dental problems or even diabetes just as it can in humans. Baked goods, gums and other candies can lead to possible liver failure or possibly even seizures.

Onions:  Onion powder and garlic are some other foods that can wreak havoc. All types of onion and garlic are problem to dogs. This includes cooked, raw, dehydrated, powders or those in foods. They can break down a dog's red blood cells and drastically decrease the oxygen that gets in to its blood. While the problems might not show up right away, they can accumulate over time. Look out for symptoms like diarrhea, loss of appetite, vomiting, and a general malaise.

Bread Dough: Avoid bread dough. Its soft consistency may cause the dog to think that it can swallow the dough whole. The dough can then rise in your pup's stomach and cause bloating and nausea. Pets that have eaten bread dough may experience abdominal pain, bloat, vomiting, disorientation and depression. As the dough rises, it expands in the stomach making it difficult to "vomit". Several dogs have to have the dough removed surgically in some strange situations.

Alcohol:  Dogs and alcohol are a bad combination; their bodies simply cannot handle it. Giving a dog alcohol can very easily lead to alcohol poisoning, Signs of alcohol poisoning may include odor of alcohol on the animal's breath, , behavioral changes, staggering, excitement, increased urination, depression, cardiac arrest or slowed respiratory rate and death.

Certain Fruits: There are certain fruits that you should also avoid giving to your dog. Avocado is just one of them. Avocados contain persin, which is harmless to humans but possibly toxic to dogs. Grapes and raisins can also cause kidney failures. You'll notice a change in your dog's behavior when he starts becoming lethargic. Repeated vomiting can also be a sign of illness from eating grapes and raisins. Fruits that have seeds in it such as persimmons, peaches, and plums can lead to intestinal inflammation as the seeds can obstruct the intestine or stomach.

Drinks: Be warned, that large amounts of caffeine can be fatal to your dog. Watch out for signs of caffeine poisoning. Your dog’s rapid breathing, muscle tremors, and even bleeding can detect these. Some medicines also contain caffeine so be careful of the home medications that you give to your dog. Alcohol, of course, shouldn't be given to your dog. Any drinks with alcohol such as beer, wine, or liquor can affect your dog's liver, brain, and central nervous system.

As most vets would advise, you should always give your dog a high-quality grade of dog food. Vitamins will also help boost your dog's immune system to fight off diseases and other possible sicknesses. If your dog may have ingested any of the foods mentioned above, make sure to contact your vet and ask for advice and medication that will ensure your dog isn't affected long term.

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