How Dog Walking Business Could Earn You an Extra £9,200 a Year

Do you need a new side hustle? Do you like adorable dogs? Then we have good news for you. A new study commissioned by Rover has discovered that becoming a dog walker along with other work could earn you an additional £ 9,200 a year in the UK.

Side hustles have become increasingly popular as people go to great lengths to save up for a wedding or a great vacation or deposit for their first home. 40% of Britons now have a side hustle to supplement their normal income.
The present state of the economy, housing prices and rental costs in major cities mean that access to additional income is often the only way to survive.

 But if you have to take on extra work, being in the midst of adorable puppy pal is not the worst way to do it. And if it turns out to be surprisingly profitable, it's even better.

The findings recommend that dog walkers only need to book three walks a day, and more than three days a week, to be able to make the target of more than £9,000 per year.

Therefore, it can be really possible if you work from home or have flexible hours. And it will also be great for your daily exercise.

With an average salary in the UK at £27,600, having a dog walking side hustling will increase your annual income by one third. And with more than 8.9 million dogs in the United Kingdom, you are unlikely to be short of business.

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