Cairn Terrier Pet Dogs

If you are considering adopting or buying a cairn pet dog, you first need to know something about the breed. This is because having the right information about the breed will help you in the long term. This is especially true when talking about pet ownership.

When you look at a Cairn terrier, they are adorable with soft eyes, small in size and huge in personality. This makes a lot of potential dog owners to consider that this little dog would be a lovely family pet. In many situations, those folk would be correct. But, as anyone who has already owned a Cairn terrier knows, they don’t make very good lap dogs. So, one should not expect them to be a cool companion. They were originally bred as hunting dogs and because of this, they have very high energy levels! Their adorable appearance and tameness in puppyhood can regularly be deceptive and lead to the purchase or adoption of a dog that is tough for a new owner to handle.

Fortunately, there are many websites that can provide you with the necessary information. To save some time, the following are the basics information about this breed:

Originally raised in the Scottish Highlands, Cairn terrier is the smallest of all terrier breeds. However, you should not let its size mislead you when you get a Cairn terrier dog. The dog was initially bred due to its working ability. This means they have a lot of energy.

Cairn terrier has a lot of spare energy. They will gain a lot from taking quick walks every day. But, you should know that the dog does better when there is a fenced yard for him to play in. In this manner, they get a lot of space to play. Its high energy also means that they are not really suitable for apartment living condition. If you live in such an environment, then having a Cairn terrier is not for you.

The energy can also put them at risk. This is the major reason why you need to make sure that a Cairn terrier dog stays in one space. Their natural instincts tell them to run and dig, and these activities can cause accidents if they are not monitored.

However, there are many positive things that can be said about this breed, one of it is that. It’s a fun dog to play with. It can play for hours, giving you the company you want. Another positive aspect of this energy is the fact that this energy can be directed towards good purposes. The dog is naturally very inquisitive and always ready to participate in a new adventure. This means that it can easily be taught how to do tricks. They learn tricks easily and succeed in obedience training. Ensure your dog is properly trained because untrained dogs have the tendency to be destructive when left alone.

Now, let discuss the proper care for a Cairn terrier pet dog. One thing you are not to worry about is their coat. The dog was not bred for the beauty of its fur. Their fur is weather-resistant and sheds little or no hair. For this reason, it can be a good indoor pet.

However, as the smallest terrier breed, Cairn terriers are particularly vulnerable to several health problems. Care should be taken when feeding the dog, as it can easily gain weight very fast. A Cairn terrier dog is also very sensitive to fleas. However, you can be sure that this is one of the best breeds in the world.

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