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We are approaching the holiday season and it is always a fun challenge to find the right gift for our furry buddies. They are small and furry members of our family. When it comes to holidays and gift giving, purchasing dog gifts is a natural part of the shopping plan. Dogs can get bored just as easily as children do and they can take out their boredom in destructive ways such as chewing, scratching or digging. Give your smallest family member a new treat now and then to spark their interest and liven their day. You'll have a happy pet that won't act out as often.

Chewy Things
Every dog loves to gnaw on things, so it's a good idea to provide your dog with a variety of chewy objects with which he can spend his day. Rawhide chew bones are a popular choice, but larger dogs can go through them quickly, eating them like beef jerky. Some commercial pet supply companies make almost indestructible chew toys that dogs love to chase and gnaw on, making them a great choice for larger pets who like to lay in the shade and chew away the afternoon. Try giving your dog a thick knotted rope with fringe on the ends. Not only will he have a great chew toy, you'll also have the means for a great game of tug-of-war indoors and out.

Things to Throw
Dogs love to chase anything we throw for them, and many will go on chasing thrown objects for hours if you have the energy to keep throwing. Treat your dog to a collection of tough balls for him to chase. Make sure they're safe for animals and made of a material that doesn't easily break into pieces. For a more talented dog, buy a special dog throwing disk. While many dogs are a whiz at catching any Frisbee ever thrown, there are special types of disks made just for dogs that have a softer edge that is easier on the mouth. For hunting dogs, try one of the newer "stuffed" animals with no stuffing. These rabbits, ducks and other small animals look very realistic, but don't have the stuffing inside that many dogs are prone to spread all over the house.

Comfortable Things
While dogs can survive sleeping on the ground and eating out of a metal bowl on the floor, it's the little extra touches you give them that lets your pets know they are loved. Give your dog a special dog bed filled with cedar chips to repel fleas and covered in a soft, fleecy fabric. He'll cuddle up on the cushion every night and never give a thought to jumping on your bed ever again. If you have a larger dog, consider buying food and water dishes that come on a stand. Older dogs will especially appreciate this gesture, as they may have arthritic joints and have a hard time bending down to the floor to get their food and water. Find a soft fleece blanket and designate it as the dog's blanket. Like small children, many dogs get attached to a soft and small blanket, dragging it around the house and always making sure it's close by at night.

Your dog may just be a pet to the outside world, but he's a member of the family to you and your loved ones. Show him how you feel by treating him to a gift on holidays and special occasions.

Special Dog Gifts for Dog Lovers

It can be an  horrible sight a Seeing blood in dog urine, to say the least. The first thought that comes to mind is what's wrong with my dog? Is my dog going to die? Well, if you take proper and fast action, things can look a little better. Conditions that cause blood in dog urine are as follows:

In older male dogs, a prostate gland can cause blood in dog urine due to an infection of the prostate or prostate cancer. An infection of the uterus in females especially if she recently whelped a litter of puppies. Also, Kidney disease or canine renal disease, and urinary tract infection coupled with a bladder infection and or bladder stones.

The possibility exists that your dog might have gotten into a fight with another dog and was slammed to the ground causing internal injuries and internal bleeding. This can be a very serious matter in that internal organs might have been damaged. Or, he might have been hit by a vehicle. Get your dog to the vet immediately.

Your dog could have gotten into the garbage and swallowed something sharp like a chicken bone that punctured his stomach. In this case, the blood in dog urine is darker due to the digestive juices in the dog's stomach. And blood might be seen in his stool that is pitch black due to internal injury. The reason it is black is that it came from the stomach and was digested.

Accidental poisoning might have occurred when your dog got into the rodent poison the exterminator put down for rodent control. These rodent poisons are designed to cause internal bleeding and death to mice and rats.

Obviously, blood in dog urine has to be taken seriously, so get your dog to the vet immediately for an examination to see what's causing the blood. Once this is determined and treated, you can take steps to keep your dog healthy all year round especially if what he had was a urinary tract infection or bladder infection. The other causes for the blood in dog urine are really accidents.

When treated for whatever he had and is now well, you may want to change his diet to a more natural organic based diet which dogs have eaten in the wild for hundreds of years and start giving him natural remedies to improve and protect his urinary tract system health so that it can heal from within.

Specially compounded alternative treatments support the entire urinary tract system so infections are kept at bay. It has been documented that once a dog has had an infection or urinary problem the odds of it happening again are much greater so prevention should be what you strive for.

Let me just touch on the fact that the use of antibiotics as a treatment for infection carries with it some dangerous side effects, so do your homework and consider natural treatment that is safe and effective as preached by homeopathic vets.

Antibiotics are oftentimes needed for infections especially if there is blood in dog urine, but for all-around health and internal support, nothing beats the nutritional value of high-quality food and supplements, in addition, to exercise to help prevent problems from the start.

Causes and Treatment OF Blood in Dog Urine

The Labrador, who was a service dog for President George HW Bush, has been pictured resting next to his coffin, in an impressive tribute.

Mr Bush, who served as the 41st president of the United States between 1989 and 1993, died Friday at the age of 94. Sully the dog travels with the coffin on the trip from Texas to Washington and returns this week. The body is due to lie in the state this week before a day of national mourning.

The coffin is being flown from Texas to DC on board Air Force One - temporarily renamed Special Air Mission 41, in homage to the late president, and then returned on Wednesday, with Sully accompanying the body all the time.

Sully is named after the airline pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, who landed a passenger plane on the Hudson River in 2009, saving all the 155 passengers and crew on board.

The dog was assigned earlier this year as a service dog to Mr. Bush who used a wheelchair in his later years.

A highly trained dog, Sully can perform a number of commands, such as opening doors and fetching items like the phone when it rings. Sully will now serve as a service dog, assisting with therapy for wounded soldiers.

The dog has his own Instagram account; here he is shown "assisting with voting" as Mr Bush cast his ballot in last month's US presidential mid-term election.

Not all Presidents of the United States were fond of dogs; although John F. Kennedy was allergic to dogs and Donald Trump does not have any.

President Bush has been receiving treatment for a form of Parkinson's disease and was admitted to a hospital with a blood infection in April. He died in Houston, Texas.

He will be buried in the Texas Presidential Library, beside his wife of more than 70 years, Barbara Bush, who died seven months ago.

George HW Bush's service dog Sully pays touching last tribute