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Ford has developed a new type of kennel that reduces noise caused by fireworks. The doghouse keeps your dog happy when fireworks start.

Ford Motor Company has built a noise house to keep noise low during fireworks and other noisy or stressful events.

The elegant dog house has an automatic gate that allows your dog to access it when necessary and helps reduce the noise of fireworks.

There is also ample insulation to help reduce the explosions, which can reach 120 decibels, the threshold for humans to experience pain. Because dogs ears are about four times more sensitive than our ears, you can understand the difficulties you have to experience. It looks so good that even humans will want to sleep in it

In addition, Ford also uses noise cancellation technology used in their cars. The technology is common in headphones and has been developed for pilots and aircraft helicopters to eliminate the monotonous drone of engines on long flights. Ford has recently used cars to reduce the noise of tires, engines and other road noise.
As in headphones, the noise cancellation works by taking an environmental sound and then producing an inverted version of it. So when a microphone picks up a sound, a tiny computer must then create the exact opposite of that noise.

As in headphones, noise cancellation works by taking an environmental sound and then producing an inverted version. Then, when the microphone picks up a sound, the small computer must create the exact opposite of that noise.

Noise-cancelling doghouse keeps your canine calm

A celebrity dog which has appeared in many Chinese films has been cloned so it’s 'mini-me' can continue entertaining fans in the country when the famous dog dies.
The nine-year-old mongrel 'Juice', or "Guozhi" in Mandarin, is a famous animal star on the silver screen, working alongside Chinese A-listers like Huang Bo and earning up to six figures for each film he stars in.

When the one-foot-tall dog grows older his illustrious career peaks, the dog owner has decided to have the animal genetically replicated to be able to preserve its talent to act and carried forward by its copy 'Little Juice', according to Sinogen, the company that made the cloning service.

A mongrel stray adopted from the streets, cannot reproduce as he was neutralized from an early age.
"Juice himself is a piece of the intellectual property with social influence," said his owner,  He Jun, a Beijing-based animal trainer.

To achieve this, he went to Sinogene, the first biotechnology company in China to provide pet breeding services. Sinogini made the headlines when it successfully cloned a gene-edited beagle in May last year. A month later, the company launched its commercial cloning services. For at least 380,000 yuan ($55,065), dog owners can clone their dogs.

Juice copy, 'Little Juice' or ‘Zhizhi’ in Chinese, was born in mid-September and remained with his surrogate mother at the Sinogene Laboratory for about a month. Later the puppy was given to He, at a small ceremony in which the original juice was present. Although He has not yet committed Little Juice to show business, he sees a lot of possibilities. He said, 'we believe he will be better than the older Juice.’

According to Sinogene's CEO Mi Jidong, the company's pet business is in its early stages, but he plans to expand services to eventually include gene editing.
"We have discovered that more and more pet owners want their pets to be with them for a longer period of time," Mi said.

China's biotechnology industry is growing rapidly and, compared to similar institutions in the West, faces relatively few regulatory barriers.

Last year, Sinogene scientists said they found the key to mass-breeding extra strong and fast 'super dogs' after successfully cloning a gene-edited beagle, called Long Long.

The group of scientists in Beijing says through the technology, they were able to change a dog's nature by transforming its genes, and then reproduce it through cloning. For example, they can customize a dog so that it has bigger muscles and better running ability before making copies of it, said Lai Liangxue, the lead researcher.

Earlier this year, a laboratory in Shanghai produced the world's first cloned monkey, two long-tailed macaques. More controversially, He Jiankui of the South China University of Science and Technology said last month that he had used gene-editing technology to change the embryonic genes of twin girls.

Tin-Lap Lee, an associate professor of biomedical sciences at the University of Hong Kong in China, said that while China has regulations in the use of animals for laboratory research, there are no laws that clearly cover the cloning of animals.

"On the government side, the image of this cloning industry is very high-tech, and it certainly ... very supportive of those high-tech industries because of the high-profit margin," Lee said.

In the case of juice, samples were collected from the dog's lower belly and, within a few weeks, Sinogene was able to isolate its DNA and fertilize an egg.

The fertilized egg is surgically inserted into the uterus of a surrogate mother dog: in this case, a Beagle.

Chinese Dog Cloning Company is CLONING movie star

Puppies are absolutely adorable and having pups to take care of at home is a good choice. The loyalty that dogs show their owners goes beyond what people can offer. This is perhaps the best reason why a lot of people love taking care of animals at home. If you want an animal that's conventional totally cute, then puppies will be a good pet choice. Dogs' are a man's best friend. This statement is absolutely true. Nobody hates small pups because they are really cute and fun to be with. Getting puppies is not a problem as to the reason that one can easily do so without even breaking a sweat. However, taking care of them is the hard part. Having pets requires some responsibilities from pet owners.

Different places where you can get pups from include animal shelters, rescue organizations, pet stores, and from classified ads. Getting puppies from an animal shelter means that they will be transferred to another shelter, which is your home. In getting pups from animal shelters, you need to keep in mind that some of these dogs may have been placed there due to some health problems or behavioral issues in the past. With this given fact, you need to be sure that the puppy that you will be taking home with you is free of the latter issues or problems. You can do so by having the puppy of your choice checked by a vet so that he or she can be checked for certain health and behavioral problems.

Rescue organizations are also one of the best places to search for cute and adorable puppies to make pets. Rescue organizations refer to groups that help puppies that have been mishandled by pet owners. After the dogs are rescued, the members of rescue organizations make sure that they get a new home. One of the best advantages of getting dogs from rescue organizations is that pups here are in good health condition and they have already been trained by the group, which means that all they require is love from a new pet owner. The next place where you can grab puppies would be pet stores. Pet stores are a good option if you are not sure as to what breed of puppy you want to take care of at home.

 These places offer the wide array of puppy breeds so you can go over them and pick one that you think will best fit you and your family. Last on your list of options would be classified ads. In here, you purchase a puppy from another pet owner. Before doing so, be sure to ask the reasons why the puppy is being sold.

Two among the best puppy choices that you can go for would be shitzu puppies and Havanese puppies. Both of these puppy breeds are cute and are often regarded as toy pup

Puppies Are Absolutely Beautiful

Caring for your dog's health not only requires giving it healthy food and regular grooming it. It involves keeping your dog healthy and fit, which can be ensured by frequent visits to the vet for necessary medication or for a routine check-up.

Regular visits to the vet ensure that your dog's health is being constantly monitored to prevent any future health problems which could possibly lead to severe disease or even untimely death. Early diagnosis of any health problem is the key to successfully curing it. Hence, a dog's health care program plays a very important role.

An ounce of prevention is better than cure

The saying "An ounce of prevention is better than cure" also applies to a dog's lifetime. Surely, you would not want to see your dog suffer from any illness. Dog health care does not only include check-ups but laboratories, too, such as blood test, x-rays, and dental care. This way, serious sickness can be prevented through early detection.

Dog's health care also includes prevention of external or internal parasites. Don't wait for your dog to be infested with fleas, ticks, heartworms or intestinal parasites. You can occasionally let your dog take anti-parasitic medicines or you can apply topical solutions to their fur.

Advanced Dog Care Technologies

With the advancement of technology, your dog can undergo a more comprehensive physical and medical exam. Hence, your vet can easily diagnose your dog's health problem, saving you from a repeated vet visit before the vet can have his final assessment.

Surprisingly, dogs can have cancer and other serious illness that is mostly suffered by human beings. If your dog has cancer, are you going to wait for your dog to die or are you going to let him undergo chemotherapy? Yes, chemotherapy. Nowadays, it's very possible for dogs to undergo chemotherapy sessions to kill cancer cells present in certain parts of their body. Aside from chemotherapy, pacemakers for dogs are also available. If your dog has heart problems, you don't have to worry. How about diabetes? Yes, your dog may have diabetes and he can be given medication to control its severity.

Your pet's hero, your veterinarian is well equipped with knowledge and skills to save your pet from its health problem. Vets don't only diagnose and cure. They are capable of performing operation procedures and they do the work of an anesthesiologist, radiologist, dietitian and a lot more.

Nowadays, veterinary hospitals are equipped with state of the art technology to serve you better. You can be sure that your dog will be taken care of by the hospital staff. The only question is, can you afford it? Are you willing to spend that much for your dear dog? For sure, dog owners won't just sit and watch their dog suffer from sickness.

Dog health care helps dog owners enjoy the company of their dogs longer. A successful health care program is worth the effort. You may spend that much on expenses but it would be worth it once you see your dog regains his blooming health

Technology and Dog Health Care

As the popular saying goes, "necessity is the mother of all invention." This was perhaps what dog owners were thinking when they first made their rolling contraptions for their ailing or aging dogs. Perhaps as a final attempt to hold off their beloved pets' deteriorating health, whether it's paralysis, joint pains, or some other ailment that often comes with aging canines, dog owners slowly found their way to constructing a mobility aid that came in the form of a wheeled device.

When your pet dog can no longer walk or move around freely, it becomes a disaster. Sometimes, dogs also get a sore back just like humans. But there is nothing to worry. There is something called dog wheelchairs that were created to enable handicapped and paralyzed dogs to recuperate and reclaim their mobility. A wheelchair can completely transform your dog's life and grant it the independence that is so badly needed.

The most common type of dog wheelchairs is the rear wheel carts. In this, the wheels support the rear legs. Depending on how they are attached to your dog, they come in several sizes and styles. Wheelchairs also come with harness or slings. When a sling is attached to the chair, the dog need not be lifted to the wheelchair.

Where the back wheels are located is vital as it determines the dog's center of gravity. They can be placed either in front of its hips or in line or behind its hips. This enhances the dog's stability which is much needed for active dogs that wants to constantly jump around and play. The firmness of the wheels makes it possible for it to cope with the extra weight on its front legs. As the wheels move forward, the center of gravity moves back thereby easing the pressure off the front legs.

When your dog loses its front legs or if they are injured, the wheels are positioned towards the front of the wheelchair to provide support for its front legs. These front wheels work opposite to that of rear wheels. Similarly, a four-wheeled chair can benefit a dog which has lost mobility of all its four legs. This relieves the dog of all the weight on its legs and gives it the freedom to move and get some amount of exercise. Thus, dog wheelchairs serve as excellent tools for rehabilitating paralyzed dogs.

Depending on the size of the dog and type of usage, dog wheelchairs come in different designs. For a small sized dog, normally, lightweight wheelchairs are suggested. Larger dogs can go in for slightly bigger wheels. Since wheels are a fragile part of any wheelchair and are regularly used. It needs to be replaced over a period of time due to widespread use. This is usually done by the wheelchair manufacturer.

Improperly built dog wheelchairs can further damage your dog's condition. So, go in for a good quality wheelchair that is durable and long lasting.

You can go to a pet store and buy a dog wheelchair from there or even go online and take your pick from the many dog wheelchairs available. If you require a custom-made wheelchair, you can either directly go to a manufacturer and place an order with them for a wheelchair or do so online.

Dog Wheelchairs

First of all, have a great Christmas with the family & friends and try not to overdo it! I understand this is easier said than done and most of us feel guilty come January. Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog, the holidays may very well be a stressful time for him. While it is true that your dog doesn't need to worry about buying presents or traveling in bad weather, the excitement of the holiday can definitely be contagious, as can the stress! To make sure that your dog stays healthy and happy even during the most fervent of the Christmas cheer, you'll find that there are definitely steps that you need to take.

First, let's make sure that your dog's environment is healthy. The tinsel and fancy ribbons that are so popular can be a real choking hazard for your animals. Dogs and cats both love to chase string and having something dangling around can be an invitation to disaster. Similarly, make sure that you keep an eye on the string that is used to tie turkey or chickens. While we can't smell it, our animals certainly can, and they are going to be very interested in gulping down this tasty treat regardless of how bad it is for them. Ingesting string can require surgical removal, so be careful with it!

Another new and interesting thing that your dog is going to find hard to resist is the Christmas tree. It's new, it's shiny, and it smells strange so of course, they are going to want to investigate it. It can be a fairly large disaster if they end up knocking it over, especially if it is up and wired. Another thing to watch out for if you are using a live Christmas tree is the water that is used to nourish it. Make sure that the water is free of chemicals because there is a better than average chance that your dog will drink it when he can.

There are plenty of things that your dog can eat during the holidays that are bad for him, and we're not just talking about table scraps. Poinsettias, holly, and mistletoe are all variously toxic and should be kept away from your animals. Similarly, everyone should be discouraged from giving your dog chocolate. However, chocolate is toxic to dogs and can lead to problems including hyperactivity, heart issues, diarrhea, and vomiting. Be especially watchful around children, who will likely want to share their chocolate with the family dog.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that dogs can be quite over-excited by the new people coming in and out. Small puppies who love people are going to go a little crazy trying to keep up with everyone, and older dogs that are more set in their ways might be very cranky about all the activity. Make sure that you do not neglect socializing with your dog on the holidays and remember that sometimes a little bit of time alone can be a relief for older animals. Be aware of your dog's mood.

The holidays are a lovely time to get together with your family, but remember to keep an eye on the four-legged members of the family as well. There are lots of things to keep in mind, so make sure that you know what the risks might be.

Christmas Health Tips for Dogs

Growling is a behavior that comes naturally to dogs. Some types of dog growling are appropriate and can be safely ignored. For example, some dogs growl while they play. The dog's whole body is wriggling and the pitch of the growl rapidly rises and falls. This "play growling" can be ignored because it's only meant as play.

One of the most common times for a dog to growl is when he is approached by an unfamiliar person or animal. This growl typically communicates the desire to be left alone and if the person obeys and moves away, the dog usually stops the behavior and is satisfied.

It is important for people to understand this form of canine communication, especially people with small children. If someone continues to move closer to a growling dog, this may increase his anticipation and cause more adverse actions.

A dog in this situation may bark, snaps, and possibly bite the person approaching him if his growls are ignored.
How Should You React to Your Dog's Growls?

What if your toddler was walking toward your resting dog and the dog slowly turned away with a low, snarling growl? Would you understand your dog? Would you know what to do?

Growling is not necessarily a bad thing. In this scenario, your dog is most likely saying that he would prefer to be left alone and may be uncomfortable with your child nearby.

Many pet owners are confused in these situations and tend to take the behavior more personally than they should. You should never punish your puppy for growling at you or at anyone else. A dog that is chastised for their natural expression often shows more serious behaviors later on.

Growling is an important means of communicating for your dog. Punishing this behavior causes your pet to repress his desires and may become confusing. Continuing to reprimand your dog for growling may eventually cause the dog to stop growling, instead, he may immediately snap at someone or even bite with no warning.

Always tell children why a dog growls and explain how important it is to listen to the dog. Whenever your dog growls as you approach, it is best to simply respect his wishes and let him be.

Make sure your children understand what to do if a dog growls at them. They should stop anything they were doing that may have irritated the dog and slowly move away to a safe place away from the animal. Never run from an animal and tell your children to report any of these incidents to you so you can continue training your dog properly.

What You Need to Know about Dog Growling

We are approaching the holiday season and it is always a fun challenge to find the right gift for our furry buddies. They are small and furry members of our family. When it comes to holidays and gift giving, purchasing dog gifts is a natural part of the shopping plan. Dogs can get bored just as easily as children do and they can take out their boredom in destructive ways such as chewing, scratching or digging. Give your smallest family member a new treat now and then to spark their interest and liven their day. You'll have a happy pet that won't act out as often.

Chewy Things
Every dog loves to gnaw on things, so it's a good idea to provide your dog with a variety of chewy objects with which he can spend his day. Rawhide chew bones are a popular choice, but larger dogs can go through them quickly, eating them like beef jerky. Some commercial pet supply companies make almost indestructible chew toys that dogs love to chase and gnaw on, making them a great choice for larger pets who like to lay in the shade and chew away the afternoon. Try giving your dog a thick knotted rope with fringe on the ends. Not only will he have a great chew toy, you'll also have the means for a great game of tug-of-war indoors and out.

Things to Throw
Dogs love to chase anything we throw for them, and many will go on chasing thrown objects for hours if you have the energy to keep throwing. Treat your dog to a collection of tough balls for him to chase. Make sure they're safe for animals and made of a material that doesn't easily break into pieces. For a more talented dog, buy a special dog throwing disk. While many dogs are a whiz at catching any Frisbee ever thrown, there are special types of disks made just for dogs that have a softer edge that is easier on the mouth. For hunting dogs, try one of the newer "stuffed" animals with no stuffing. These rabbits, ducks and other small animals look very realistic, but don't have the stuffing inside that many dogs are prone to spread all over the house.

Comfortable Things
While dogs can survive sleeping on the ground and eating out of a metal bowl on the floor, it's the little extra touches you give them that lets your pets know they are loved. Give your dog a special dog bed filled with cedar chips to repel fleas and covered in a soft, fleecy fabric. He'll cuddle up on the cushion every night and never give a thought to jumping on your bed ever again. If you have a larger dog, consider buying food and water dishes that come on a stand. Older dogs will especially appreciate this gesture, as they may have arthritic joints and have a hard time bending down to the floor to get their food and water. Find a soft fleece blanket and designate it as the dog's blanket. Like small children, many dogs get attached to a soft and small blanket, dragging it around the house and always making sure it's close by at night.

Your dog may just be a pet to the outside world, but he's a member of the family to you and your loved ones. Show him how you feel by treating him to a gift on holidays and special occasions.

Special Dog Gifts for Dog Lovers

It can be an  horrible sight a Seeing blood in dog urine, to say the least. The first thought that comes to mind is what's wrong with my dog? Is my dog going to die? Well, if you take proper and fast action, things can look a little better. Conditions that cause blood in dog urine are as follows:

In older male dogs, a prostate gland can cause blood in dog urine due to an infection of the prostate or prostate cancer. An infection of the uterus in females especially if she recently whelped a litter of puppies. Also, Kidney disease or canine renal disease, and urinary tract infection coupled with a bladder infection and or bladder stones.

The possibility exists that your dog might have gotten into a fight with another dog and was slammed to the ground causing internal injuries and internal bleeding. This can be a very serious matter in that internal organs might have been damaged. Or, he might have been hit by a vehicle. Get your dog to the vet immediately.

Your dog could have gotten into the garbage and swallowed something sharp like a chicken bone that punctured his stomach. In this case, the blood in dog urine is darker due to the digestive juices in the dog's stomach. And blood might be seen in his stool that is pitch black due to internal injury. The reason it is black is that it came from the stomach and was digested.

Accidental poisoning might have occurred when your dog got into the rodent poison the exterminator put down for rodent control. These rodent poisons are designed to cause internal bleeding and death to mice and rats.

Obviously, blood in dog urine has to be taken seriously, so get your dog to the vet immediately for an examination to see what's causing the blood. Once this is determined and treated, you can take steps to keep your dog healthy all year round especially if what he had was a urinary tract infection or bladder infection. The other causes for the blood in dog urine are really accidents.

When treated for whatever he had and is now well, you may want to change his diet to a more natural organic based diet which dogs have eaten in the wild for hundreds of years and start giving him natural remedies to improve and protect his urinary tract system health so that it can heal from within.

Specially compounded alternative treatments support the entire urinary tract system so infections are kept at bay. It has been documented that once a dog has had an infection or urinary problem the odds of it happening again are much greater so prevention should be what you strive for.

Let me just touch on the fact that the use of antibiotics as a treatment for infection carries with it some dangerous side effects, so do your homework and consider natural treatment that is safe and effective as preached by homeopathic vets.

Antibiotics are oftentimes needed for infections especially if there is blood in dog urine, but for all-around health and internal support, nothing beats the nutritional value of high-quality food and supplements, in addition, to exercise to help prevent problems from the start.

Causes and Treatment OF Blood in Dog Urine

The Labrador, who was a service dog for President George HW Bush, has been pictured resting next to his coffin, in an impressive tribute.

Mr Bush, who served as the 41st president of the United States between 1989 and 1993, died Friday at the age of 94. Sully the dog travels with the coffin on the trip from Texas to Washington and returns this week. The body is due to lie in the state this week before a day of national mourning.

The coffin is being flown from Texas to DC on board Air Force One - temporarily renamed Special Air Mission 41, in homage to the late president, and then returned on Wednesday, with Sully accompanying the body all the time.

Sully is named after the airline pilot Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, who landed a passenger plane on the Hudson River in 2009, saving all the 155 passengers and crew on board.

The dog was assigned earlier this year as a service dog to Mr. Bush who used a wheelchair in his later years.

A highly trained dog, Sully can perform a number of commands, such as opening doors and fetching items like the phone when it rings. Sully will now serve as a service dog, assisting with therapy for wounded soldiers.

The dog has his own Instagram account; here he is shown "assisting with voting" as Mr Bush cast his ballot in last month's US presidential mid-term election.

Not all Presidents of the United States were fond of dogs; although John F. Kennedy was allergic to dogs and Donald Trump does not have any.

President Bush has been receiving treatment for a form of Parkinson's disease and was admitted to a hospital with a blood infection in April. He died in Houston, Texas.

He will be buried in the Texas Presidential Library, beside his wife of more than 70 years, Barbara Bush, who died seven months ago.

George HW Bush's service dog Sully pays touching last tribute