Why Do Dogs Scoot and Whine?

Dogs do lots of strange things that might not always seem normal. However, many strange habits are completely normal in dogs, although a few may suggest hidden medical problems. Whining is a low utter usually a complaining cry or sound. Dogs are not exactly drunk when they whine but it is rather an emotional fix and do this because they want to get a message across. It is just similar to humans shedding tears. As dogs are sensitive creatures, they are subject to the smallest signs of annoyance and it's not anything that makes them feel good.

The causes of dog's whining are sadness, hunger, asking for something, seeking attention or when they want to poop. Puppies can get sad in the absence of older dogs in its family especially the mama dog. They whine as a sign of distress and it's a call that says they feel left alone or are in pain. It may be past its meal time that's why it's whining. The dog whines like a child it and wants to ask for something. A dog whines because it wants to play with its master and wants attention. Dogs that are toilet-trained whine when they feel like pooping and they can't because they're not in the right place.

Dogs scoot because of the itch and pain that comes from their anal sacs which are basically scent glands that give away bad smelling liquid. The anal sacs leak every time when the dog poops and they also spray liquid when it gets scared. The spray of the anal sac is not poisonous but it just smells bad because of bacteria. All dogs don't smell the same because it is nature's designed. Dogs scoot in order to get rid of that extremely itchy feeling and they rub their butts across the floor.

To stop a dog from whining, one can do things like understand the tone of whining, play hard to get and deny his advances and teach it hand and body gestures to set limits. If it's not a minor whining and is rooted in deep physical and psychological pain, then the dog has to be taken to a vet.

One might think that a dog likes the itchy feeling while scooting. In fact, scooting creates a very painful feeling in your dog and it gets to a point where the dog suffers from poop impaction. Scooting is the only way a dog sees to relieve itself. A dog may need professional treatment at this stage.

One does not need to see a vet unless a dog's whining borders on the pathological. The fur and fangs of a dog have nothing to do with whining unless it's a horror movie. If dogs scooting is not very serious as in the case of bred dogs, it just needs to be kept clean and treated well.

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