Expert says spending too much time on your phone is making your dog sad

There are several warnings about spending too much time on your phone; you’ll develop tech neck, it causes loneliness, and you’re missing out of real life! But these warnings have failed to convince us to put down our phones. Maybe this reason will be heartbreaking enough to spur us into action.

According to one expert, spending much time on your phone is making your dog sad! It is tough with your furry friend.
When you pay too much attention to your phones than to your dog, you are damaging your emotional bond with your pooch making your pooch feel lonely and isolated and this can lead to doggy depression and behavioral issues.
According to a veterinary surgeon and VetUK founder, Iain Booth ‘We’re a nation obsessed by our mobile phones, and all that time on our phone affects our dog more than cats because dogs are pack animals and look to their human's owner for leadership and contact. 
Your puppy needs steady love and interaction, much like kids.  Therefore when your pup looks at you with those gorgeous puppy eyes- drop down the phone and rug their tummies.

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