The Cause of Dog Vomiting

When your dog is vomiting it is a sight you do not like to see. This means there is something going on in its happy little world. Most of the times it is a health issue. If vomiting happens from time to time, it may not be reason for concern. But when the dog vomits really often, then it is time to get worried. In this article we will give a complete guide to the cause of vomiting in dogs. So let’s get started straight away...

Causes that may make your dog be sick...

1.    Be careful with insecticides and pesticides as these can cause your dog to become very ill with some of the chemicals used in their manufacture linked to cancer
2.    Your dog may have eaten something that is either out of date or just does not suit your dog's stomach
3.    Old water that has been left in the bowl for too long may also cause the problem.
4.    IBS is another cause of sickness - also known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or (Irritable Bowel Disorder) - this is also seen in humans with the same symptoms.
5.     If your dog suddenly becomes ill after going for a walk he may have eaten a poisonous mushroom or even some Rat poison. If you think that this is the case take him to the vet immediately.
6.        Gland problems can cause sickness too - this is referred to as hypoadrenocorticism.
7.    Fungal problems can also make your dog ill especially Aspergillosis or Histoplasmosis.
8.    Pancreatitis is another reason your dog becomes sick and vomits.
9.    Has your dog developed Hookworm, Whipworm or even Roundworm as these parasites can infect your dog's body and may throw him up.
10.    Bacterial infections can lead to sickness including the bacteria Salmonella.
11.     Parvo Virus - a deadly disease, causing vomiting and other symptoms
12.     Kidney disease also causes the problem.
13.    Tapeworm is known to make a dog sick
14.    Kennel cough is another cause.
15.     Scabies also known as mange can lead to illness.

As you can see, the cause of dog vomiting can vary from quite serious conditions to some that may not be considered so serious. However, if you have any worries take your dog to the vet as soon as you see any sudden changes in your dog - as it may save his life if the disease is progressive.

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