Home Remedies for Dog Diseases

Any animal medical practitioner is definitely essential with regards to our pet canine's wellness particularly when they become ill. But are you aware that you may likewise cure them in your own home?

For the treatment of diarrhea, you can use one tablespoonful of carob powder mixed with a little bit of water and combined with your dog's meal. Cut it in half if your dog is still a puppy.

For constipation, you may add three or four tablespoons of mineral oil to their meals for one to two days and constipation will clear up in no time. Use only one to two teaspoons if your dog is of a smaller breed.

In case of urinary tract infections in your dog, cranberry juice will do the job. 30 to 40 ml of it added to your dog's food will help reduce the number of bacteria in his urinary tract and will help relieve the discomfort caused by the infection.

When your dog seems to be a little bit under the weather, you can use a children's liquid analgesic or one-half of dissolved aspirin to perk him up. This is a general cure when you can't seem to know what's wrong with your pet.

To get rid of ticks, you can utilize petroleum jelly to complete the technique. Put a large amount over the place where the tick is and then wait for at least ten minutes. The tick will then begin to lose his grip, thus making it easier to remove it. Be careful not to leave the mouth in your dog's skin.

For ear mites, put a drop or two of corn oil inside his ears and then massage the ears gently with cotton. The oil will suffocate the mites and it would also help loosen the earwax on your dog's ears.

To prevent your dog's furs from matting, always clean up his coat from any sticks or twigs that may have attached to your dog's fur. If this gets left unchecked, it will cause the fur to gather around it and your dog will begin licking it continuously causing the fur in that area to fall off. This will then lead to infection due to the exposure of the skin. So after taking a walk, be sure to give your dog a roughing to remove any foreign objects from his coat.

So with these simple to-do things, you can keep your dog from any further ailments that he might acquire had these been left undone.

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