Present the UK's first dog swimming gala in London

Swimming is another great way of keeping fit for animals, for a dog, a 5-minute swim is equivalent to about a 5-mile run. However it has not yet caught on as a popular pet pastime - you don't hear folks saying 'I'm just off to swim the dog!

Rover, The world’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers has set up the UK’s first ever dog swimming gala, which is taking place in London this month.

The event has been set up to promote the launch of their new website. Dog parent can bring along their buddies to this event and enjoy a range of activities including dog inflatables, dog polo, icy treats, a 20-minute free swimming session as well as talks on general pet care.

The event will take place on 17 July at West Reservoir Centre in Hackney, where humans are invited to bring their dogs to swim, race and have a general muck about.

It’s hot – Proud owners can also enter their dogs into the main event, a 10-meter swimming race, where the winner can receive a month of free dog walks, courtesy of Rover. Check out the more refreshing pictures of dogs in pools.

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