MSPCA Increases Reward for Dog Found Dead Outside Brockton Shelter

The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Animals Cruelty said on Friday that they have raised the reward to $3,000 for information about a dog's heatstroke death.

A Chihuahua pup was found trapped, lifeless and foaming in the mouth, inside a carrier halfway to the Animal Protection Center of Southeast Massachusetts in Brockton on July 10, according to MSPCA officials. The shelter director rushed the dog to the Lloyd Animal Medical Center in Stoughton, but the pup died on the way.

Authorities said the dog which was a year and about 10 pounds, has a temperature that showed at 110 degrees, which was the thermometer's highest reading and about nine degrees above normal. That day, temperatures were in the nineties throughout the region. According to Joyce Caranci, “When I took the dog out, it was very uncomfortable holding her, she was very hot”.

Since then, MSPCA officers said they have received more than two dozen tips from concerned citizens, as well as donations to increase the reward. Unluckily, no suspects were identified.

According to Rob Halpin, The MSPCA Public Relations Director in his statement said."The bottom line is that someone in our society knows who did this and until this person comes forward, it is doubtful that justice will be solved, and the meaningless death of this young dog will be in vain." The MSPCA is ready we identify and prosecute those responsible for abandoning this dog, and we are deeply grateful to the donors who have raised the reward significantly."

The dog was brown and white and appeared in good condition, according to MSPCA. It did not have identification tags or a chip.

Any person who has information about the owner of the animal is asked to call MSPCA toll-free number at 800-628-5808. $3000 will be awarded to anyone who provides information that leads to a conviction. Animal cruelty is a crime in Massachusetts punishable by up to 7 years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000.

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