How to Care for Your Dog on the 4th of July Holiday

With the Fourth of July coming soon, you may want to take some precautions for your dog. Loud fireworks hurt dog's ears and all the commotion and loud celebrating can be very stressful. Remember that dogs have much better and more sensitive hearing than we humans do. The loud rapport from multiple fireworks can be painful to them.

In the United States, the fourth of July marks the national holiday of Independence Day. For your dog, this can mean a day that is not very pleasant at all. If you are thinking about leaving your dog alone on the 4th of July, here are some things to think about that might change your mind.

Fireworks can be loud and frightening. Your pet needs some extra care and attention to ensure this day is not damaging, either physically or emotionally. The booms, cracks, and pops of fireworks, even from distances far away from your home, may have a strong effect on even the most docile of dogs.

Dogs can get so anxious that they become frantic, and they can then start becoming very destructive. Some dogs jump through plate glass windows, tear up drywall and doors, and look for anything to destroy. The destruction of property is in addition to the injuries they can sustain during this time.

Many veterinarians prescribe sedatives to pet owners to help their dogs remain calm. These sedatives lower the dog's blood pressure and help to mellow them out. But drugs are not always the best solution to this situation.

Your dog may attempt to jump the fence in a panic just to escape the noise, and many dogs go missing when they run away out of fear. Another option is to care for your dog by placing them in a kennel during the holiday festivities.

Fireworks are just one part of the dilemma. While the noise is a major concern, the heat can also be potentially deadly to any type of pet. Your family may leave the house to enjoy the day and leave your dog in the backyard. In this kind of heat, it doesn't take long for them to become overheated. Dogs can die of heat stroke or may need to be rushed into the emergency room of your veterinarian's office.

Animals that need to be left outside for the holiday should be provided with plenty of cold water, as well as some shade, so they can escape the heat and not get dehydrated. Add some ice cubes to the dish of water so that it will stay cold longer.

If you are planning on having a party to celebrate the 4th, the BBQ can be a place of injury for dogs. Objects popping off the grill, such as hot dogs and corn on the cob, can cause burns and another injury. Eating a lot of fatty foods, like chicken skin, can cause pancreatitis and make your dog extremely ill.

Other precautions include cleaning up any leftovers from your fireworks. The cardboard may contain potentially deadly gunpowder. Any flames from the cooking or the fireworks are dangerous as well. The best advice is to not leave your dog alone on this holiday.

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