Instructions for Feeding a Puppy

Knowing how to feed a puppy properly in their first year is very important. It is in this first year that they will be doing most of their growing and they will have special nutritional needs. If you want your new furry friend to grow up happy and healthy here are the instructions you need to know how to feed a puppy properly. Feeding a puppy the proper nutrients is crucial to their growth. Establishing a schedule for feeding is also important. Just like with humans, water is essential to ensure the proper development of a puppy.

It is important that puppies stay with their mothers for the first eight weeks of their life because it ensures they are getting the right nutrition. Once a puppy is weaned, the dog owner is responsible for the puppy's health. This means you need to learn how to feed your puppy. Choose the brand of food that the puppy was eating before you brought the puppy home. Changing brands of dog food can sometimes cause digestive problems.

If you choose to do it, however, make sure you introduce the new food slowly over a week. Your choice of dog food includes moist, semi-moist and dry kibble. Most veterinarians advise dog owners to feed puppy’s dry kibble. Some dog food brands offer formulas specially created for puppies. Higher-priced dog food usually contains ingredients that are of higher quality than the lower-priced options.

When feeding a puppy, try to keep the puppy on a schedule. This helps your puppy stay at an optimal weight. Puppies that eat whenever they want are often overweight. Feed your puppy three times daily. Once they are adults, they should only be fed twice daily. Check the guide on the puppy food to decide how much you should feed your dog. Some puppies may have a larger appetite or be more active, so only use the chart as a general guide. Having a feeding schedule will also help you house-train your puppy.

Do not forget to give your puppy enough water, which is crucial to a puppy's growth, health, and development. Make sure the water is fresh and clean and make it part of your puppy feeding schedule. Puppies actually need more water than adult dogs because of their developing bodies.

Feeding a puppy the right foods and enough water is the best way to ensure a happy and healthy dog. Choose high-quality dog food that is formulated for puppies and their needs. Start a feeding schedule and stay on it so that house-training will be easier. This will also help ensure a much healthier adult dog. Above all else, give your puppy enough fresh, clean water to drink. Following all these guidelines will help you be a responsible dog owner and help your puppy live a long life.

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