How to Care for Your Dog Eyes

Dogs usually have very sharp eyesight. Their vision is many times sharper than that of humans. In fact, a sharp eyesight and sharp hearing capacity are a must for police and security dogs. Dogs like Alsatian, Doberman, and German shepherd are used extensively by police departments and security services as these dogs are much stronger and naturally, have sharp sight and hearing capacities.

Eye infections are a common problem with dogs, just like with humans, a dog's eyes are quite sensitive and delicate. Natural defenses such as eyelashes, tears, and eyelids are not always enough to protect a dog's eyes from dirt, dust and ultimately infection. Once in a while intervention is required to keep a dog's eyes functioning properly. Dogs' eyes tend to become weaker and they lose their sharp vision due to various factors.

Dogs contract diseases like cataract due to aging. They contract this disease if they have spent most of their time in the sun. They also contract such diseases as a hereditary disease. Nowadays, cataract removable is available with the veterinarians. Dogs should not be allowed to sit near a window of a vehicle as insects or any dust particle may enter its eyes leading to irritation. A veterinarian also cannot remove this immediately. One has to wait for it to come out so that they are relieved of this pain.

Dogs also develop day blindness and this is due to hereditary visual problems. The affected pups show symptoms within eight weeks of their birth. This symptom can be noticed when the pup stumbles or falls on an object during broad daylight hours. This can be tested by the doctor immediately after the puppy is born and due medications can be done.

Owning dogs is an acceptance of taking care of it in all possible ways. A proper attention will only ensure good health of dogs. Dogs blinking, squinting or yelping in pain is a symptom of eye problem. Before treating a dog one should be very cautious and careful, or one may do major harm. Dogs with long hair should be trimmed so that their eyes are not troubled. A simple treatment is one teaspoon of salt with little-filtered water should be mixed. A cotton wad should be soaked and this solution should be put into the eye without touching the eye. This type of treatment is a quick treatment. But, the directions should be followed with utmost care.

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