Japanese priests hold funeral for all abandoned toy robot dogs

How did you say goodbye to your old toys?  Given them to a younger relative? Dump them in your parents’ loft? Throw them in the bin without a second thought?  If yes, think about it, you are heartless.

In Japan, more than 100 deceased Sony Aibo robots got the sendoff they deserved when they were given their own traditional funeral.

The dogs were lined up at the Kofukuji temple in Isumi last week while the monks chanted sutras to send them peacefully on their way.

Japan Times reports that they receive hundreds of old Aibo dogs every year since the dog is no longer in production so people send their old / broken ones to Electronics repair company A-Fun Co which specializes in fixing vintage products so they can use the parts.

It's typically like organ donation for a toy, and it’s lovable. However, before A-Fun Co ‘operates’ on the dogs, they organize a funeral for them because they believe that robot-dogs have souls and that they must return the souls to their owners, thus turning the toy into a mere machine.

The dogs arrive at the company with letters that give details of their name and previous life.
One letter reads: "I feel relieved when I know there will be a prayer for my Aibo,” as another says, “Please helps other Aibos." Tears rose in my eyes when I decided to say goodbye.

If you sit there with wide eyes and wonder what the hell is going on, priest Bungen Oi has some words for you.
"Everything has a bit of soul, he explained, after the service at the 450 years-old temple.
It's adorable, So pure, so runs home to drop all old toys off at the local church.

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