Important Cockapoo Training Tips

As an owner, you probably would want to have a well-behaved cockapoo right? Apparently, that is what every dog owner's dream - to have a dog that obeys commands, potty at the right place and never chews, digs or do anything destructive. And that dream can only be achieved through proper cockapoo training.

Training a cockapoo may not be as difficult as it seems to be. There are various training methods and tools available that can be utilized to achieve the desired result. What owners must do is to identify what method or what tool works best for their pet and apply that certain method properly.

The most common method of training is the use of positive reinforcements such as food treats, praise, petting, playtime or favorite toy. These positive reinforcements aim to motivate the dog to do the desired behavior repeatedly. Reinforcements are given to the dog after the task has been done or command has been followed thus it is also referred to as a reward. When giving food treats as a reward, the treat should be enticing to your pet. Soft commercial treats are widely used although hot dogs, cheese, and cooked chicken or beef can also be used. Determine which one works best for your cockapoo. The use of treats is always coupled with praise. While giving the food reward, say something like "Good dog" in a happy tone of voice.

While positive reinforcement is the most widely used training method, others opt to go for correction-based training method such as the use of training collars. This collar has a receiver that emits shock every time the dog did something unacceptable. The trainer is the one carrying and controlling the transmitter. This method aims to train the dog to associate the unacceptable or negative behavior with shock thus will eventually learn not to do the behavior again.

Though the first two methods mentioned are often proven effective by many dog owners, there are still people who chose to punish their pets to correct or train them on what is right and acceptable. But instead of making things right, punishing a dog may yield problems such as aggression and other behavior-related problems. Would you want your dog to get scared to urinate when you are around? Probably you do not want a timid and submissive dog right? Simply put, punishment will only do more harm than good. As much as possible, please avoid using it.

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