How to Treat Dog Mange

Dog mange is a nasty, debilitating and physically destructive disease if left untreated. Knowing that your dog has mange is the first step to treating it effectively but, unless you check your dog over regularly and take him to the vet at the first sign of anything wrong, the disease can get much worse before it is noticed.

Mange is caused by an infestation of mites and scabies that burrow into the dog's skin and hair follicles. Whilst a healthy dog will be able to fight off the infestation, if your dog has a poor immune system it will not be able to fight off the disease.

There are many symptoms of dog mange including itching and signs of dandruff, thinning of the hair around the eyes, the mouth and the front of the legs. Left untreated these patches can soon turn to sore, crusted, oozing patches which will cause your dog a great deal of discomfort and pain. As the disease progresses your dog will lose its appetite, leading to severe weight loss and dehydration.

Dog mange can be successfully treated and eradicated with quick intervention and use of the correct products. Shampoos alone will not rid your dog of mange; whilst you may see short-term changes, the mange will continue to return until the mite itself has been destroyed. This means treating your home and the all of the dog's bedding as well as the dog itself.

Treating a dog for mange is a fairly straightforward process but don't expect an overnight success story; the process takes time. To treat your dog for mange first find a good natural shampoo. Look for an oil-based shampoo such as tea tree or Aloe Vera; the oil will smother the mites and kill off the eggs. Using a shampoo containing these products will also soothe irritated skin. This should be used regularly, in conjunction with a medicated topical spray for the lesions and sore patches.

Avoid products that contain Anise oil as this can be damaging to your dog. Look for products that contain Zinc PCA as this is essential for killing parasites both on and below the skin. It is also used for building up the skin membrane and the sebum glands to further assist your dog in fighting off unwanted infestations.

Although these products may be more expensive to buy, in the long run, they are cheaper because they do work and you don't need to keep buying cheaper products that will never effectively treat your dog for mange.

This alone is not enough. Whilst the above treatment may appear to rid your dog of mange unless his immune system is built up he will always be a target for the mites. Your dog needs to be fed on a good healthy diet but will also need additional nutrients and enzymes added in order to help build up his immune system and help to repair his skin. Keep your house treated as well and your dog should be clear of mange and pain-free for a long time to come.

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