Hillary Clinton Recalls the Time Putin Used a Dog to Big-Boy Merkel

On Tuesday, during a panel at The Wing workspace in New York City, Hillary Clinton called the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin a “world-class misogynist”

She has a pet peeve with Russian President Vladimir Putin: He’s a “world-class misogynist” who does not hesitate to use his dog to frighten a powerful woman.

People magazine reported that Clinton accused Putin of using fear against women leaders. She highlighted a famous meeting between Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2007 as an excellent example.

"Angela Merkel came to visit him and he knew the intelligence and he knew that Angela Merkel was afraid of dogs," Clinton said, per people.

“So, you have these one-on-one meetings. All of a sudden, while the press is still there, this very large black dog came into the room. It was meant to embarrass and intimidate Angela Merkel, who is one of the really great European leaders [of] post World War II.” Clinton said: “The Russian leader took joy in that.”

Vladimir Putin had his Labrador dog Koni greet Angela Merkel, although it was well known that Merkel was afraid of dogs.
Putin said he had no intention of intimidating Merkel when he brought out his Black Labrador Koni at his home in Sochi. He said he wanted to "do something nice for her" and apologized when he discovered that she did not like dogs.

It was reported that Merkel was bitten by a dog in 1995. Putin had been informed about Merkel's fears of the dog in 2006 when he presented her stuffed toy dogs. The New York Times reported.

Merkel said Putin pulled the dog stunt in Sochi "to prove he was a man."
Clinton told the gathering on Tuesday that Putin is “a world-class misogynist” and said things about me and other women on stage, some pretty contemptuous things," according to Newsweek magazine

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