The Right Kind Of UV Flashlight for Detecting Pet Urine Stains

Detection and elimination of pet urine can be a difficult problem to deal with. Our noses detect the bad odor, but often have difficulty finding the source to clean and eliminate the smell from our furniture, carpets, floors, and fabrics. Cats and dog can be responsible for leaving urine stains in your home. Sometimes, we will notice a smell but not be able to trace it visually. This is where UV flashlight Black Light can be priceless. It is an essential tool in the battle to detect the smell of pets and eliminate it.

When searching for a solution to discover urine stains in your home, it can be overwhelming. There are a lot of options and brand names to choose from. However, unfortunately, not all are equal. The good news is that Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light makes finding stains much easier with a stronger beam and more concentrated UV light.

 You can as well use a black light to detect body fluids. Actually, it's a good way to look for pet urine or make sure the bathroom or hotel room is really clean. in particular, cat urine shines very brightly under ultraviolet light, urine glows under black light mainly because it contains a phosphorus element.

As with the simple color prism effect, water crystals break visible light into a spectrum of light layers where red has a lower visible frequency than violet. And a light frequency below red on the spectrum is called infrared; while the highest frequency of violet is called ultraviolet, commonly uses which you may be familiar with outside of the typical domestic environment are crime scenes, where black light is used to detect blood stains. In the sense of detecting pet’s urine, the two are very similar since pet urine glows in a similar frequency range to blood when exposed to the Ultra Violet light.

It is important that before you attempt to detect pet urine using a black light, it is imperative that the room you are working in be as dark as possible. If you are unable to prevent enough light by drawing curtains and closing doors, and turning out all lights in the room, it may be better to start your efforts at night when it is already dark. Many stains will simply not glow enough for you to identify them in the room that contains a lot of light and therefore you may miss some stains that need to be removed in order to get rid of the smell completely.

We hope this post assists you on your journey to successfully finding and eradicating those pet urine spots at home, Click the link for more information and buying your Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light online.

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