The Best Pet De-Shedding Tool

Do you find that your pet dog seems to shed hair all over?  Is your home constantly becoming messy with dog hair on the stairs, flooring, carpets, and furniture?  This is a sure sign that your dog has a shedding problem, and it only adds more work to your usual housework. Some dogs shed a lot more than others, greatly increasing the amounts of hair you find all over your home.

 One of the great drawbacks of pet ownership can be the constant battle with pet hair. Carpets furniture and clothes can be constantly covered with it. If you ask any dog or cat owner they will usually state this as one of the few things they don't like about their beloved pet. It can be enough to deter some people from owning a cat or dog at all and so they miss out on the tremendous pleasure this can bring.

With some breeds shedding may not be very much of a problem. If, on the other hand, you have a longer haired or shaggy variety then you may end up spending as much time with your vacuum cleaner as you do with your pooch. Some breeds seem to walk around leaving in a cloud of fur behind them. Grooming will help but most brushes only tackle the topcoat and not the undercoat where the majority of the loose dead hair is to be found. The result is that your pet continues to shed.

Another option is to use a pet de-shedding tool. These do actually manage to effectively remove the mass of dead hair which builds up in the undercoat. Although a de-shedding tool will cost slightly more than a standard grooming brush it is worth it as they can cut down shedding by as much as 80%.

There are several de-shedding tools available and the best known of these is probably the Furminator. No matter what tool you might choose though, you'll probably want to make brushing your dog a daily habit. And one particularly useful and recommended tool is the Furminator de-shedding tool.

Despite the somewhat gimmicky name, this product is first class and really does live up to its claims, getting a large number of very positive reviews from pet owners. The Furminator is available in small medium and large to suit the breed of dog you happen to own plus there is a special version for cats. If you happen to own a horse they do an equine model too.

Dog owners account that the Furminator removes far more hair than standard brushing, reduces shedding significantly and is a pleasant experience for their dog. It as well leaves the animal's fur sleek and shiny. Therefore if you love your dog but not his hair a per of de-shedding tool such as the Furminator may be worth checking out. For more information as well as getting this tool online, click the link.

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