Finding the Right Pet Bedding

If your pet is part of the family, it should be treated that way. One way to ensure that your pet is treated as a member of the family is to buy pet bedding. Pet are pampered by their owners for up to $ 50.96 billion per year, including everything from food, toys and other pet products such as pet beds. One of the latest trends for dogs and other pets are pet furniture. More specifically, pet bedding. Make a brief search on the web and you will see how many different options and styles there are in the bedding for dogs, cats and other fun loving animals.

Pets, like people, suffer from various conditions, pains, and aches that can make resting properly almost impossible. In such cases, a good pet bedding can help relieve the stress of inflammation of the bones and joints, allowing them to lay more comfortably, which will make the rest better.

Carefresh's natural Pet Bedding is the safest, made from reclaimed pulp, the healthiest pet bedding for your small animals. Free of inks, dyes, clay and chemicals used in the papermaking process, this remarkably natural short- fibers pulp is processed to eliminate the potentially harmful aromatic hydrocarbons found in pine oil and cedar oil. To ensure the safety of your pet, this natural bedding is even tested for contaminants and sterilized at 380 degrees Fahrenheit to reduce bacteria, fungus and mold.

This bedding provides unsurpassed odor control for your pet's cage, hutch or habitat. Unlike other types of bedding material, Carefresh bedding helps control the pet odors by working to suppress formation of ammonia- the main source of odor found in pet urine. Without Compromise, Carrefresh natural custom paper bedding is specially designed for small animals and is made of 100% sustainable and renewable wood fiber.

If you want to buy this Carefresh bedding, I highly recommend buying it online from Amazon. It is currently on sale here only through Amazon. It's much easier for Amazon to deliver this than stuffing it in the shopping cart in the store. The litter smells great, it does a great job of absorbing fluids and pet feces (we use them for rabbits and hedgehogs), and this type of bedding repels fleas naturally. Even better, the price on Amazon is cheaper.

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