More Businesses are allowing dogs in the office

If you are a dog lover, you probably already know that more and more companies are adopting dog-friendly-policies. Dogs are now taking over their owners' offices, as managers allow workers to bring their dogs to work to reduce stress.

One survey found that bringing dogs to the office reduces stress, and more than a quarter of employers say they agree with a dog-friendly policy. Employees are taking their dogs to the office, as several workplaces agree dogs are reducing office stress.

One out of four businesses now has canine colleagues in the office. And more than a quarter of employers say they agree with this policy. Studies show that pets can reduce stress, make workplaces friendlier, and retain employees who do not want to be parted from their furry friends when they are in the office.

Employers said in a Purina PetCare survey that improving the Better work-life balance and friendlier atmosphere were the main reasons for allowing pets to accompany their owners to the office. The London-based anti-cancer charity Anthony Nolan has been dog-friendly for two years. About ten staff brings their pets to work, even take them to lunch at nearby Hampstead Heath.

Human Resources Director Sharon Keane, 52, led the revolution. She longs for a dog, but "full-time work and mobility means it's not just an option," she said. "Then the team was talking about research suggesting that dogs at work reduce stress levels. And that was it.”

Sharon, who is moving from Hemel Hempstead, in Hertfordshire, she said "My cockapoo Teddi has been coming to work with me throughout his life and it thinks it is the norm.

"She is upset if we do not include her in everything, and has her own places where she sleeps under conference room tables and snores very loudly, allowing dogs into the office means that it's easier for people to work full time.

"Everyone knows her and will come to my office to see her for a cuddle." She certainly had a positive impact on the team, she smiled a lot.

Music streaming company Deezer is testing a dog-friendly policy at its London headquarters after the employee was unable to get a dog-sitter.

Cecilia Munth, 35, director of CRM, brings her five-year-old dog Woolly. "It's a trial period, but the success and positive feedback from the staff is clear," she said.

"It’s been amazing to see the benefits, It's a great happiness, boosted morale, creating conversations and smiles," said Deezer Vice President Moore. 

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