A Boy Uses His Allowance to Rescue Two Dogs.

If you cannot raise or adopt a puppy yourself, but you still want to participate in apuppy journey to become a hero service dog, you can sponsor several phases of a puppy life.

If you are looking for a charity to donate to, in order to help others who are worse off than you? Then why not consider sponsoring puppies to be guide dogs, an excellent way to pay for dog intensive training? Sponsoring puppy training is a long process since it takes up to two years to properly train a dog. There are approximately 10,000 blind or partially blind people who can benefit from having a dog helper, so sponsoring a puppy to become one is a wonderful sacrifice to humanity.

By sponsoring a dog, not only will you change the dog lives, but you will also change the lives of many others who desperately need it. A small monthly gift will help finance housing, food and veterinary care for dogs that have nowhere to go.

Sponsoring a dog is very easy, just fill out the form on the company's website and agree to donate anything from five pounds to the maximum you can afford. Your money will be set for one puppy and will form part of the fund that is reserved for his training.

Little Jaxton Betschart, a four-year-old boy, captures the attention of social media by rendering this humanitarian assistant. The child decided to pay adoption fees for two pit bull dogs.

Tank, a dark gray pit bull, was one of the two choices sponsored by Jaxton. The boy was very excited to see Tank that he ran up to the front of his enclosure.
"Mommy! He’s big and chunky like me," Jaxton told his mother, according to iHeartDogs.

Initially, Jaxton wanted to adopt Tank, but the family could not because of the breed restrictions on military housing.

After explaining to Jaxton that he could not adopt the two pit bulls, Elyse told Jaxton that she could still help the puppies to find homes. Through the sponsorship program, Jaxton became the Guardian Angel of Tank and Penelope, paying their adoption fees.

Penelope, another pit bull, immediately caught Jack's eye because of the nice spots on her head. Since then, Jactton Penelope "spots"

Thanks to Jaxton, his wonderful works inspired others to give back as well. For most children, their allowance will be used for the last toy or candy. But Elise Betschart was surprised when her son, Jackston, decided to do something more human with his savings by donating is money.

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