8 Ways to Keep your Dog Busy and Happy Indoors

Dogs need their daily dose of exercises such as walking in the park or playing in the yard. This keeps their energy levels healthy and it also keeps them from being bored. Naturally curious, bored dogs have a tendency to get into trouble and make a mess around the house. So put your pet's energy into full fun and indoor activities especially produced during the rainy season. Here are 5 ways to keep your dog busy and happy at home:

1. Fetch Teaching:  Why not teach your dog to fetch different objects, such as your sneakers, newspapers, or even some bananas from the kitchen? In addition, your dog can bring a remote control to a TV or impress your friends by opening the refrigerator and getting a can of something out of it. You can attach something to the refrigerator door to ease the opening process for your dog.

2. Turn on / off the light: If you are too lazy to stand up and turn on the light. Teach your dog to do it instead of you! Mind that there may be some scratches near the switch, so teach your dog this trick unless you do not deal with this damage to your wall. That is also awesome, and your dog can wake you up in the morning!

3. Play with toys: Set specific names to your dog toys and make her choose the right one from others. You can develop the game by hiding the name toy and commanding the dog to find it. The game is useful both in terms of your dog's mental and physical development. You can also find your remote this way if you have lost it again!

4. The which hand game: To play this game, you will need the dog treats. Here's how to run it: Hide a treat in one of your fists and show your hands to your dog. Your dog needs to search for where the treat is hidden. If the dog chooses right by sniffing the right hand of touching it, then give your pet a reward. If the dog cannot find it, try again. Try using the "Touch" command.

5. The game of tug: If you have a toy to play a game of tug, it is a very good way to entertain your dog. Most people question whether such an activity can make the dog aggressive, but studies do not show any evidence that there is a relationship between aggression and a game of tug. It is a good workout for you and your dog.

6. Hide and seek: This game is good to play not only with humans but with dogs too. Command your dog to stay, then hide somewhere, call your pet and let her find you. When playing it for the first time, choose a place where it will be easy to find you and make the game more difficult as you play.
7. Introduce puzzles: While dogs need regular exercise, mental stimulation is equally important. When you cannot play outside, use this time by introducing puzzles to his toy collection. Solving the dog toy puzzles with him will not only relax and exercise his mind, but it will also teach him a thing or two about patience.

8. Give him a message: Make indoor time most relaxing for both you and your dog by giving him a massage. A quick daily massage for dogs helps to relax tense muscles, reduce anxiety, improve blood circulation, and relieve stress. It also creates a great bonding time between you and your dog.

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