Facts you should know About French Bulldog.

French Bulldogs origin can be traced back to England. A vast majority of the French dogs today are the descendant of English bulldogs. And they now look unique in relation to its English ancestors. It is a stocky creature and weighs around 28 pounds. French Bulldogs ordinarily have a medium sized muscular body and splendid expressive eyes. A remarkable, upright "bat" ears. They are cheerful dogs, with a happy look about.
The truth is this dog species always appear like they constantly have a smile on their faces. With short and stout legs, short tails and ears, they come in a variety of colors -- the most common being a mix of black and brown. As is basic with their breed, they do not require much grooming. Their coats are short, thick, and smooth - they may be said to be maintenance free.

French bulldogs are good guard dogs, and they are a friendly breed. They make friends quite easily and are happy to shake their short tails at strangers. They have an out-going identity and are generally warm and loving. They adjust easily to a new environment and like to receive attention from their owners. They developed gradually and their life expectancy ranges from 12 and 14 years. Likewise, with their English counterparts, French bulldogs are sensitive to heat. They are not the kind of a dog that can be left alone in a car for they may get overheated. They are exceedingly intelligent and frequently end up as a perpetual fixture in the life of their owners.

French bulldogs are flawless city dogs since they do well in little spaces! In a place like New York with space problem, a large number of residents have this sort dogs. They aren’t very active dogs so they don’t require a large yard to run in. They’re exceptionally well-mannered which makes them the ideal dog for a little space! This particular bulldog can be a cherishing, comical, engaging, fairly sweet, and frivolous dog. They are among the sweetest, most pleasant and cordial of most varieties. They are very playful; however some of it adult males could possibly be very aggressive. 

Enumerated below are some attractive traits of the French bulldogs which will tell you why you should get one:

1. Several folks call them joker dogs because they always have that happy outlook. It might be because they are born cheerful and good-natured. Most owners of this kind of dog always love to have them around.

2. French bulldogs are very easy to maintenance. It is a perfect companion since they are playful and attentive yet still very affectionate. If you live alone and wants to have an active buddy in the house, then the French bulldog is the best for you. They will never give you a boring time. 

3. French bulldogs are very clean. They usually shun mud and puddles. If you take them outside, you don’t have to concern about getting dirty. They will only play in clean areas. That is why it is better for them to stay inside the house.

4. They can sense their owner if he is being too passive. If they observe you being bored, they will come and disturb you from whatever you are doing. Do not be irritated when they do this. They just need someone to play with. You might need to spend time with them when they start looking for your attention because if not, they might behave badly.

5. Dogs like these are suitable for people who live in apartments. You are sure to have a clean and neat home with a French bulldog. They do not like untidy surroundings and would keep their home tidy. And you also do not need to groom them too much. Just a little brushing after taking a bath will do.

These facts about French Bulldogs will be very useful for those who want to adopt one. If you need more information about French bulldogs, you can check your nearest pet store and they will discuss what you need to know about them.

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