Why Dogs Get Stuck When Mating?

Nature is really wonderful! Life has made a way to guarantee that impregnation happens in dog’s reproduction. Ever witnessed mating dogs? You are likely to be concerned that your beloved dog will be hurt since some of them cry and seems to be injured while remaining stuck together from end to end. You might be tempted to isolate them, but separating them could do more harm than good. This phenomenon is a normal event with mating dogs, when the male penis appears to be being trapped inside the female vagina.

This happens when the dog copulates; the male dog would mount the female dog from behind. The receptive and cooperative female will move his tail aside and allow the male to get a decent hold. The act of breeding in dogs is very different from other creatures. Dog penis is not erect when it goes into the female dog vagina. The penetration is achieved because a little bone in the penis called baculum holds the penis stiff.

As soon as Penetration is achieved, the bulbus glandis, an erectile tissue located at the base of the penis enlarges with blood and stuck the penis inside the vagina. This is known as a mating tie. The male dog would sway the legs over the back of the female’s back; rotate around so that the rare ends of the dogs will be connected. Normally, the dogs will remain in this position for 5 to 30 minutes or more, it won’t be able to disconnect until the ejaculation is complete and the bulbus gland is disengaged. 

At the commencement of the mating tie, the male dog discharges sperm and prostate fluid. Hooking together while copulating ensures the semen will get into the vagina and that the female dog will be impregnated. The mating tie keeps the semen from spilling. The mating tie ensures that the breeding process will not be interrupted and also prevent the female from mating with other dogs.

The mating tie may trouble the dogs especially if any of them is mating for the first time. Never try isolating the dogs even though they appear to be hurt or upset. Keep a close watch on the dogs to avoid any accidents from occurring. A larger female that gets panic and fear may harm the male and vice versa.

If you are breeding dogs, thorough supervision is advisable because anything can happen between dogs. It is always better to have your vet around in case something happens. If you are not breeding dogs and you are not okay with your dog breeding, you still should not try to separate the dogs as it is too late now, and you will only hurt the dogs.

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