Tory, the first South Korea Presidental dog

South Korea alone has been known to slaughtered more than two million dogs yearly for their meat. Some of these dogs are bred for consumption while others are homeless dogs captured or even stolen for this purpose, dogs caught up in South Korea’s dog meat industry live miserable lives. All through their short lives, the dogs are never shown anything but brutality. They spend their lives trapped in small, barren wire cages, with no access to proper care or even the most basic needs.

This cruel practice is nothing but distressing for any dog lover. Fortunately, there is hope for these helpless creatures, the effort of countless organizations, activists, and celebrities urging for a ban on this horrible trade is yielding a profit. In April, we got news that Taiwan will become the first Asian country to prohibit the consumption of dog and cat meat. Also, the majority of China populace don't agree with the dog meat trade and have been actively working to end this barbaric practice.

And recently the more promising news in the battle to end the cruel dog meat trade, is the country’s new President, Moon Jae-in who fulfilled his election promised to adopt a dog from an animal sanctuary. The President adoption of a four-years-old black mongrel from an animal society is sending a strong message against the trade of dog meat the group (CARE) has been campaigning against.existence of Animal Right on Earth (CARE) from a dog meat farm two years ago, but the group has been unable to find him an owner because of hostility against black dogs in South Korea. According to the President, the adoption shows " that both human and animal should be free from discrimination and prejudice."

From the beginning of Mr. Moon's campaign animal right has been part of his Presidential election campaign, he has promised to build more playground and feed facilities for stray pets. Tory has now joined the president's two other pets, a cat named jjing-jjing and a dog called "Maru".

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