The Benefits of Walking a Dog

Walking a dog is one of the easiest ways to achieve good health. In doing so, not only is your dog pleased with the exercise, you can also get sufficient exercise from walking your dogs. While it reasonable that dogs need to walk, and taken outside in order not to soil the owner’s house, there are also significant health benefits related with walking your four-legged best friend as well.
Walking has many health benefits for humans and dogs. Studies have shown that people and dogs who are overweight, a half hour walk three times a week can lower blood pressure, increase energy, improve their well-being and reduce their weight by 5% and 15% dog. The following are some reasons you and your dog can benefit from daily walks.
Walking help loses those doggie pounds: As in humans, there is actually an increasing weight problem associated with the community of dogs, as well. So much so that pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer started marketing related weight loss products for dogs. Studies indicate that there are an estimated 17 million overweight dogs in the United States. Some common factors associated with increasing overweight dogs have to do with the same problems face by humans, malnutrition and inactive lifestyle.
So, walking your dog is a great way to practice some exercise. Even better than walking is allowing them to run free in the dog parks. However, simple and regular walking can allow dogs to get more of a feeling of activity and helps their natural urge to run around. A combination of the regular walking session with proper nutrition will allow dogs to have a better chance of losing weight.
Treatment depression: of Do not forget dogs like people, also get depressed! Sunlight, which is very effective in regulating the state of the human’s moods, is also essential for our friends as well. A daily walk sets a routine in dog life and a fresh air allows reducing feelings of imprisonment. Envisage if you were stuck at home all day and just came out for 10 minutes, the same thing applies to dogs too. Fixing your dog a daily routine and providing a suitable environment for the dog to walk around outside is very important to the psychological of your dogs.
It also increases the dog physical and mental health: daily walking sessions help dogs to combat problems like poor socialization, insomnia, and the dog becomes excessively hype, and due to weight loss related with dog walking diseases like arthritis, respiratory problems and heart disease can remain under control. More importantly, the respiratory and cardiovascular problems dogs face as they age.
People and dogs have a lot of health problems that can be prevented or cured by regular exercise and a healthy diet. Walking a dog is a great way to beat dog boredom. Your furry friend will be happy and will be thankful for improving behaviors throughout the house. If you can not commit to every day of walking sessions with your dog, then at least half hour three times a week can still be good to help dogs fight the above problems.

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