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In this article, we will bring you the ten most famous Fido on the internet and what makes them celebrity of a sort. From tricks and funny expressions to fashion gurus and trend toppers, these dogs know how to create internet buzz. In no particular order, here are the top most popular dogs in the cyber world.

Minnie & Max
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These pairs have been on The Tonight Show, Regis, Ellen &Kelly, Good morning America, they have over 600,000 Facebook followers, more than some human celebrities, making them one of the world record public Relation furry-celeb in history.


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This Pomeranian holds TWO world records – One for the fastest 10 meters on hind legs and the other as the fastest 5 meters on front paws. He breaks the record with over 1.3 million fans on the Facebook page, not only that. Jiff, has also been in a CoverGirl commercial, which makes him the envy of all contestant of the American's Next Top Model.


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Tuna is not only famous because of his role as an ambassador for animal rescue, but this chiweenie has million of Instagram followers. He was rescued from a Farmers in Los Angeles when he was just 4 months old, he is an example of a true beauty coming from within.

Menswear dog

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This 5 years old Shiba Inu recently did a photo shoot for Swiss watchmaker Victorinox on their 130th-anniversary celebration. This well-dressed dog becomes a fashion maven and has over 145,000 Instagram followers.

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Boo has been tag the world most beautiful dog, he is so cute, look like a stuffed animal, making him one of the few pet to have his own "action figure." Boo, a Pomeranian has over 15 million Facebook fans, he is certainly an internet sensation.

Jesse the Jack Russell

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Having 41 million views on YouTube is not easy, This terrier has learned some tricks than any other dog to achieve that. Most of those tricks has to do with household chores, to mention just a few, this dog can fold laundry, take your jacket off, go shopping and even make you tea.

Manny the Frenchie

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Just take a good look at this Frech Bulldog, he becomes an internet sensation, philanthropist, and a model. Manny has over 1 million fans across social media account, he has featured on countless magazine covers, and has his own product line.


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Ginny is a Jack Russell fashionista icon, lives in the UK and uses her fashion sense and photogenic nature to help spread encourage pet adoption. He has over 300,000 Instagram followers.


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With almost 2 million fans on his Facebook page, This white Puli pup, owned by Mark Zuckerburg has become more famous on the internet than one could ever imagine.


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Since her video was posted on YouTube. Mishka "the talking husky" has become an overnight internet sensation for saying "I Love You" this husky has had over 420 million views and over 600,000 subscribers.

The 10 Most Popular Dogs on the Internet

Dogs are known to be more intelligent than any other animal. Research confirms that dogs can count, they can also understand more than 150 words, and can intentionally deceive other dogs and people to get treats. Although you wouldn't want your dog to balance your checkbook, believe me with proper training dog can perform beyond our expectation, check out this amazing video and you will surprise how smart this dog is.

This is one of the smartest dog You've Ever Seen (Video)

Just like in people, bacteria build up in your dog's mouth. If you don't take proper care of your dog's teeth regularly this can cause a hard, calcified build up (plaque, just like us!) that literally needs to be scraped off with a tool. If we don't help care for our dogs' teeth, they'll rot.
Bacteria will work its way to the system, damage vital organs over time and shorten your dog's life. Proper dental hygiene is important for your dogs. You probably know that and may be wondering what your choices are.
RAW is the key here, not cooked. cooked bones easily splinter, can actually cut your dog mouth and throat. Raw bones are more flexible, and therefore not splintered so easily, but did not last as long. Raw chicken bones such as Turkey's neck bone for large dogs or chickens for small dogs are considered to be the best ones. See this video and learn more!

Natural Way To Clean Your Dog Teeth (Video)

Giving a dog that has no home a place to live is one of the best things you can do for the Adopt A Dog Foundation. Maybe you want a pet that will play with your kids as well as keep them safe then you should consider getting a dog for them that will be suited for your home.

If you can't adopt a dog at this time, maybe you should consider fostering one! Fostering allows a dog to experience the comforts of home while waiting for a forever family.

Shelters can be very scary places for dogs, so opening your home to them, can give them a much needed safe and comfortable environment. Also, if you're interested in adopting a dog but are not sure if you or your family is ready, you can try fostering to see what it's like.

Adopt A Dog (Video)

If you are a dog lover and are you looking for a dog but can't decide which breed to go for, Whatever your reasons for considering various dog breeds, you have come to the right place to start. For people researching the term 'dog breeds', it can be explained as a group of dogs with similar features, characteristics, and behavioral patterns. Examples are the  American foxhound, Afghan hound, Poodle, Pug, Labrador, etc.

When choosing a dog, owners normally look through different dog breeds to decide on the one they believe will suit their lifestyle. In this video, we introduce to you the ten newest dog breeds you can choose from.

The 10 Newest Dog Breeds (Video)

It's one of the great mysteries of life: what do our dogs get up to when we're away? If you have an active, intelligent dog, chances are he's not just lying around all day. You might find yourself coming back home to piles of shredded paper, destroy couch, chewed shoes, and other signs of mayhem.

Researchers have found that dogs are even more intelligent than we consider them to be, they are capable of understanding up to 250 words and gestures, can count up to five and can perform simple mathematical calculations.

If you've ever had to go to work, school, shopping etc and leave your dog at home alone, and you ever wonder 'What your dog get up to when it's home alone? Then check out this amazing video, it will surprise you how far your Fido can go when he is home alone.

What our dog does when it's home alone (Video)

It is a fact that some shy dogs exhibit shy behavior only toward people, while others show it only toward dogs.  Many, though, will display the behavior toward both, or even in stressful situations that don’t involve a person or dog. They tend to display signs of behavior that are easy to recognize. They will often have their tail tucked between their legs and will avoid looking at you, just as they would in a pack in the hope of not offending anyone.

Perhaps you are surprised to know that shyness is often the common behavior of dogs, although it might be a vice, in this case, I consider it the best behavior a dog can display. this dog exhibits something close to proper training. Even though he knows the only thing he can eat is what’s placed in it bowl. But much like humans he is drawn to the look and smells of the tasty yogurt, he looks longingly at what the owner is eating and imagined of how good it will taste.

Check out this perfect dog suffering from a major food envy after been feed his own meal. The dog is salivating for his owner's yogurt, but is too shy to straight up ask for a taste!

This Puppy want some yogurt but is too shy to ask for it (Video)

Hundreds of people gathered in Michigan to pay tribute to a true hero. it was a tear-filled final goodbye to a cancer-stricken dog who served three tours in Afghanistan with the US Marines. The dog served in Afghanistan more than six months in 2009 and 2010 with U.S. Marine veteran Lance Cpl. Jeff DeYoung, who narrated the deep bond they both shared during that time.

A few Years later, DeYoung adopted Cena. A service dog in his retirement, Cena helped DeYoung cope with post-traumatic stress disorder and other personal challenges. “This dog, this brother of mine, has sat with me through a divorce, through missed jobs, through homelessness, my PTSD strikes and waking up in my bathtub crying,” DeYoung said at a Veterans Day ceremony in 2015.

Narrating his ordeal, DeYoung said, when Cena was recently diagnosed with terminal bone cancer he was incapacitated with grief. “To be honest, I hid under the desk in the vet’s office, I threw my phone against the wall and the veterinarian had to leave the room until I could compose myself,”

Wednesday was the saddest day between the dog and the owner, DeYoung said goodbye to his loyal 10-year-old friend in an emotional public farewell that he and the Marine Corps League had planned to honor Cena’s life and service.

Both Cena and it owner, decorated in a Marine vest, had their last ride together in a topless Jeep Wrangler through downtown Muskegon, as hundreds looked on. Before Cena was finally euthanized at the USS LST-393, folks gather around the dog, smothering him with snuggle and smooches.

Hundreds Say Goodbye To Hero Marine Dog In Emotional Ceremony (Video)

The color of dog's poop can tell you a lot about their health. Blood or mucus in the poop is maybe an indication of something serious, the truth is that some causes are very serious while others are not. If you're a dog owner, then you too have had the discussion about your dog's stool. I’ve seen white, I’ve seen dark brown, and I’ve seen brown, but Since our dogs can’t talk, we spend a great deal of time trying to interpret how this different types of poop affect their health.  Here’s the scoop on doggie-poop of every color and how to tell normal dog poop from problem poop:

Normal Dog poop: Let's start with the normal poop, although it varies from breed to breed and from dog to dog. The normal color should be medium brown, neither too tender and liquid or too hard to pass comfortably, this can change depending on the type of dog diet. Attention should be given to the dog's poop in other to recognize when there's a problem.

Grey dog Poop: In this case, the poop appears glistens, fatty or comes out in large, soft quantity, this could indicate Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI). Also known as maldigestion, this is a disease in which the pancreas does not produce the required enzymes to digest fat. EPI is treatable, so consult your vet.

Yellow Mucus Poop: Yellow mucus usually indicates a food intolerance, especially if you’ve recently changed your dog’s diet. Check what your dogs been eating and try to rule out any new ingredients that could be causing stomach upset and mustard-yellow dog poop.  If his poop is completely covered with a thick layer of mucus, consult the vet to see what he'd recommend.

Red Dog Poop: This can be a sign of bleeding in the GI tract. Seeing streaks of blood in your dog’s poop may be colitis (irritation of the colon), a rectal damage, an anal gland disease or maybe a tumor.

Orange Dog Poop: It could be a sign of a liver problem or biliary disease, or it could just indicate that the right amount of bile isn't being produced. Bile is what changes poop to the normal brown color we expect. If your dog has orange diarrhea, consult your vet for a better examination.

White Specks in Poop: Worms often look like white grains of rice in dog stool. This might be a sign of worm infection, so consult your vet.

Green Dog Poop: Dog green poop can be normal if your dog eats large amounts of grass. Although, it can also be an indication of rat bait poisoning, parasite, or other internal problems. If your dog has green poop, consult your vet to be safe.

So far, we haven't had deal with different color in dog poop, as with everything you read, if you are concerned about your dog's health, to keep your furry friend tail wagging, please contact your vet. Because it's better to be safe than sorry, and blood in the stool can be an indication of a serious health problem.

Different Color of Dog poop and What it means

We all love ice cream, We all know the sound that most ice cream truck makes when it comes to our neighborhood. It is a sound that signals that the cold, tasty treats are close by. But if you think that is a human thing, think again. Because dog won't stop to amaze us, even though over the years, we have seen some pretty hilarious actions by our furry best friend.  just when we think they can’t surprise us anymore, here is one who is purchases his own favorite item.

Zack is a very intelligent dog, he loves his ice cream that much, he goes and gets his own!’ There is no denying that these four-legged creatures are getting smarter and smarter each passing day. Upon arrival, Zack is seen ordering, and then being handed his favorite treat from the ice; a Tupperware full of vanilla. It seems as though Mr. Whippy knows Zack very well and knows exactly what his little furry customer wants. Check out this amazing Video!

Zack the Dog and the ice cream man (Video)

Ever come home from a long day, ready to make dinner and as part of the ritual you call for your furry friend. But no answer? you call again and you get the same result. Your heart starts to race as you begin to search for your missing dog. After searching every nook and cranny of the house and yard, and then you see the open gate. The dog is missing and has run off. This is a very frustrating situation the owner. It's only about 15-20% every stray dog is found by the owners.

Rescuing a dog you found wandering the street is the best thing you can do for the furry friend and it owner. It is always a great relief getting a call from someone who found your stray dog or seeing your missing dog run to you at the animal shelter. What is important in many of these owner-dog reunions is that a Good Samaritan found, held and take the dog to a safe place. Knowing how grateful we were or would be to them, we naturally want to do our part if we ever see a missing dog wandering the streets. Check out this video of abandoned puppy that gets a new home.

Abandoned dog on a Busy Road Gets Rescued (Video)

South Korea alone has been known to slaughtered more than two million dogs yearly for their meat. Some of these dogs are bred for consumption while others are homeless dogs captured or even stolen for this purpose, dogs caught up in South Korea’s dog meat industry live miserable lives. All through their short lives, the dogs are never shown anything but brutality. They spend their lives trapped in small, barren wire cages, with no access to proper care or even the most basic needs.

This cruel practice is nothing but distressing for any dog lover. Fortunately, there is hope for these helpless creatures, the effort of countless organizations, activists, and celebrities urging for a ban on this horrible trade is yielding a profit. In April, we got news that Taiwan will become the first Asian country to prohibit the consumption of dog and cat meat. Also, the majority of China populace don't agree with the dog meat trade and have been actively working to end this barbaric practice.

And recently the more promising news in the battle to end the cruel dog meat trade, is the country’s new President, Moon Jae-in who fulfilled his election promised to adopt a dog from an animal sanctuary. The President adoption of a four-years-old black mongrel from an animal society is sending a strong message against the trade of dog meat the group (CARE) has been campaigning against.existence of Animal Right on Earth (CARE) from a dog meat farm two years ago, but the group has been unable to find him an owner because of hostility against black dogs in South Korea. According to the President, the adoption shows " that both human and animal should be free from discrimination and prejudice."

From the beginning of Mr. Moon's campaign animal right has been part of his Presidential election campaign, he has promised to build more playground and feed facilities for stray pets. Tory has now joined the president's two other pets, a cat named jjing-jjing and a dog called "Maru".

Tory, the first South Korea Presidental dog

I was recently left in mourning when it was declared that Pudsey, a star in Britain's Gott Talent has lost his life after a battle with leukemia. Watching the owner and half of his adorable double act, Ashley Butler proves that the loss is still very fresh as she burst into tears during an appearance on this Monday morning. Ashleigh struggles to fight back the tears as she discussed the deceased dog with hosts Ruth Angsford and Eamon Holmes.

It is true dogs are unique animals that can instantly become part of our family. If you have had your dog any time at all, you are no doubt well aware of this fact. It is the continuing domestication of dogs that make them more and more adaptable to living the family lifestyle with each passing generation of the dog. This correlation between dogs culture and human culture is very strong.

Pudsey became a household name thanks to his dancing skills on BGT, that make it possible for him to perform for the Queen at the Royal Variety Performance in 2012, causing Simon Cowell to announce, "This is what I've been waiting for all my life".

What really gets my emotion is the following lines from his owner Ashleigh Butler, "I can't honestly believe I am writing these words. My handsome man has gone, and I don't know what to do without him.

"I don't know how I'm going to get through this, my heart is broken. It pains so much, that my handsome, incredible Pudsey Bear will never be by my side, where he belongs, again.

"We only had 11 years together, but those were the best years ever. He was my one in a billion dog that will never be replaced."

She added: "I don't need to write all of his endless accomplishments on here to prove how incredible he was for me. "Sleep tight my handsome man, I love you lots."

Sleep tight guy, we all love you, the memory of your act remain with us. Enjoy some of Pudsey best moment!

Ashleigh Tears for her dog - Pudsey the Britain's Got Talent 2012 winner.

Sooner or later, your dog will probably get sick. Once you've taken him to the veterinarian for an exam, take your sick dog home to care for him. Your veterinarian possibly will give you a drug to administer and let you know how to monitor your dog's health. Outside of looking for signs of improvement, you'll likewise need to care for your dog and make him comfortable amid his recovering. This will help him and could accelerate the recovering process.

Nursing a sick dog is one of the essential methods that a dog owner needs to understand. And when a dog develops sickness, the dog is in need of more care and love based activities by the owner. For these reasons, every dog owner should know the importance of nursing their dog when they are sick. Just like humans, dogs also need the love and affection of someone when they are sick. This love and care should most importantly be given to by the owner.

Dogs need a lot more care when they are ill. If your dog has a fever then you should not feed him anything heavy like meat. After giving him his medications put your dog in a calm and peaceful place and don't disturb him. In order to give medication to your sick dog, you will need to do a little coaxing. Just like humans, animals also don't want to take medicines.

While nursing the sick dog, his safety should be the most important thing. Sometimes, in order to feed the medication to the dog, people pull the dog’s head very high. This can be dangerous, as the drug may go into the dog respiratory system. Also, continue giving your dog some warm fluids.

 At the point when the dog has severe diarrhea, the animal may begin to display signs of dehydration. Henceforth, the nursing care of dehydration contains an addition of little dosages of salt and glucose to water in a cautious way. Correspondingly, the vomiting dog, in addition, needs appropriate nursing care. Ice cubes may be given in such cases alongside egg whites to smooth the esophageal entry.

These days, a non-contact based infrared thermometer has come up in the market to acquire the temperature of the animal without much strain. Place the dog in a shaded spot if the temperature is so high and give great ventilation to the agony animal. If the animal is experiencing hypothermia, give warm covers to offered relief to the animal.

Lastly, keep your dog clean. Your sick dog may soil himself with pee or feces. Not only will this make him uncomfortable, but the urine can burn the skin. If he does soil himself, give him a blanket shower. Absorb a fabric in clean water and wash the fur, refreshing and washing it in clean water until the cloth is clean. If he's continually spilling pee, apply a layer of petroleum jam to the coat of his stomach and make sure to wash the area frequently.

Nursing a sick dog

Are you considering getting a puppy? If yes, then you will want to choose a healthy one. With that said, here is some advice on how to choose a healthy puppy to add to your family - and dodge the expenses of making an exorbitant mistake. Bringing up a puppy is a benefit since this indicates you would direct its development and welfare. You would have the opportunity to raise it up according to what you need.

Get one at the right age. As a rule, puppies ought to be kept with their moms for at any rate the initial eight weeks of their lives, it is healthier for a puppy to live with her guardians for the initial 12 weeks so they can develop enough to live with other individuals and creatures. On the off chance that you discover a breeder who is selling puppies younger than eight weeks old, ask the breeder for what good reason, since it is extremely young.

The first thing you will need to do is examine the puppy's head. Inspect the nose, as it ought to be wet and cool and if the puppy is sneezing much of the time or there is nasal release, then this might be an indication of poor health. It's additionally worth mentioning that a few breeds, for example, pugs, will now and again have nostrils that breakdown when they breathe in air.

Check the puppy's cleanliness. As you are searching for a puppy, you ought to take a gander at how clean the puppy is. This is a decent marker of the puppy's well-being. When you meet another puppy, search for clean Ears. Puppy ears that are untidy may bring about ear contamination's or show ear bugs. Keep away from puppies with ear redness or foul scents.

Nose. There ought to be no release from the nose and the puppy ought not to sniffle bountifully or hack. Try not to think the release is just salivating. In any case, in light of the fact that the nose might be wet from licking.

Check for a solid body. When you get the puppy, check the muscle meaning of the legs and arms. All puppy bodies ought to be solid regardless of the fact that the pooch is a little breed. Ensure he isn't thin with a jutting tummy. This can be an indication of an untreated worm infestation or genuine well-being issues, for example, a heart problem.

Analyze the stool. If you are opportune to take a look at what the puppy's stool resembles. Analyze the stool, It ought to be firm. Free stools or an untidy base may demonstrate looseness of the bowels, which is an indication of bigger well-being issues. You ought to likewise check where alternate puppies in the litter go to the poop to ensure none of the alternate puppies are debilitated either. Likewise, watch to check whether the puppy licks her genital area a considerable measure. This might be an indication of a urinary tract disease.

The last suggestion to remember is the puppy's disposition. In the event that the puppy is disregarding you and others in its litter and it looks powerless and tired, then this might be an indication that something isn't right with it. A puppy might be modest, however normally still pay you some kind of consideration and not disregard you out and out. Give careful consideration to a puppy's look.

Picking a sound puppy may appear like an overwhelming task and it can be, the point at which you don't recognize what you are doing. This is the reason you ought to remember the above tips and counsel. Doing as such ought to make it less demanding for you to pick a sound puppy.


Arthritis is a therapeutic term for aggravation of the joints. It affects the joints where two bones meet together, like in the hip, shoulder or the spine where the vertebrae are alongside each other. Bone goads, irritation, and degeneration are the most well-known symptoms of Arthritis in older dogs.

So if you own a dog, you will likely need to deal with it sometime soon, a point were the simple run turns into a solid walk; the jump to a most loved seat is no more conceivable; lying down is accompanied by a profound moan. With the passage of time, our dog's age, things that were once second nature turn into an exertion. Thank for advancement in veterinary medication and companion animal care, numerous dogs are now living to a ripe old age. On the drawback, that prolonged existence also increase the chances that they'll experience some type of degenerative joint disease (DJD), or Arthritis.

In this article, we'll take a look at the five best things you can do to lessen their agony and ensure the well-being and comfort of your dog. Since we don't need anything more than to help them. In any circumstance, remember that they can't normally scream out to us when in pain. Dogs aren’t humans, so they don’t talk our language. The greatest thing we can do to have them comfortable is to learn their signs. Dogs display their pain in certain actions and behaviors that may seem indirect to us. Although not everyone is a dog behavioral expert, these five signs below will help you determine whether or not your dog is in pain.

Unnecessary Grooming: It's typical for canines to lick and prep themselves; however, it's not ordinary for this to become a fanatical conduct. On the off chance that you see your pet tending to a restricted region he's never seen or has quite recently as of late began investing significantly more energy there, it could be an indication that he's aching.

Heavy Gasping
: Gasping is normal behavior that shouldn't astound any dog owner. Notwithstanding when the gasping is substantial, certain circumstances take into account it, for example, extra hot days and strenuous activity. Yet, in the event that you see overwhelming gasping all of a sudden, it could be anxiety impelled. This anxiety could be brought on by pain your pet is encountering.

Inappetence: Lack of hunger is regularly the result of some sort discomfort. Our dogs don't either. They merely don't feel like eating, particularly when it's agonizing to walk the distance over to the food dish...
General behavior change: Like modesty and Aggression, you may also see that your the dog wouldn't like to stroll upstairs any longer, abstains from bouncing and climbing, or wouldn't like to pursue his adored tennis ball.

If your dog is showing any of the signs mentioning above, have an appointment with your vet doctor. So you can work together to improve your dog’s quality of life and assist your dog with the following five ways.

1. Weight Control! Carrying extra weight can add stress the already strained joints. This can make him less likely to need to move, which will contribute to more weight increase. We can boost our dog's weight reduction by also decreasing his food intake and exchanging out a portion of it for low-calorie treats like carrots and broccoli. Be that as it may, make sure to get some information about diet changes.

2. Be certain to take steps to alter his environment at home. A few things that can help an arthritic dog include: giving soft supportive sheet material to his pain-filled joints, utilizing ramps to aid the dog to get in and out of a car or up to a bed and laying down carpeting and protected rugs to help him get traction as he walks.

3. Supplements: Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate can decrease irritation and strengthen joint function if began before arthritis becomes too advanced. Products like " Best-Vets-GLUCOSAMINE-CHONDROITIN-HYALURONIC" give these supplements in a soft and tasty chewable Again, be sure to ask your vet doctor if this is OK.

4. Keep him warm! Winter frosty can make arthritis symptoms worse. So here are some remedies. Get him a sweater, a warmed pet bed or a warming pad for sleeping. Get some information about the warmth components to affirm they are alright and Check kennels consistently to guarantee they are perfect, dry and agreeable.

5. Lastly. Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin c and MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) all support in reducing inflammation and improving the body's ability to repair and strengthen tissues for dogs with arthritis. But remember most of Vitamin C will upset a tender tummy and the best I can advise is to give the brand Ester-C.

5 Best things you can do for your dog with Arthritis

If you are doubting the possibility of love and peace among the beasts in this cruel and suspicious world. This video is your answer. The dog owner Mark Freeley told BBS New York that he took his golden retriever, Storm, for a walk on Sunday when he "plunged into the water and started swimming to the helpless deer, grabbed her neck, and started swimming to the shore."

This dog hero (storm) does not stop there. Once he dragged the baby deer onto the shore at the port of Port Jefferson, Storm can be seen nuzzling, licking and pawing the helpless deer, desperate for signs of life. It does not get any sweeter than this: Freeley, Storm owner, wrote online Sunday: "What a morning ... I can not believe this ... Storm Just Save This Baby Deer..." Enjoy This Amazing Video!

Dog Saves Baby Deer From Drowning (Video)

Dogs crying at night are a complaint I hear a lot. If you’re a dog owner, chances are you’ve been there or are going through it: apparently endless, sleepless nights since your dog refuses to settle at night. It not just barks you right into insomnia, but some very grouchy mornings, as well.

It might be because of puppies being just young and energetic and not having an outlet for it. Particularly before they have had all their vaccines and can go outside and play with dogs and survey their environment, they have a propensity to get really kind of antsy, and they'll go to sleep.

They can sleep half the day if you're at work. Next, you come home. They play with you for a few hours, and then you expect them to go back to sleep and sleep all through the night. It's very difficult for them. Making sure your dog has a lot of exercise throughout the day and a lot of exercise before bed is recommended.

There are ways to exercise your dog even if you can't leave the house if the puppy's too young to go outside. Find activities. If you teach them to come when called, then you can practice back and forth through the house with other family members so the dog is running from the living room to the bedroom and back. You can also do training circuits with the dog, where it's come, sit, stay, down, stay.

How to Keep Puppy from Crying at Night (Video)

This question has been on for many years, a lot of folks ask if dog clothes and other accessories are important or just for fashion. Although we can’t deny the fact that these clothes are cute and provide style and attractiveness, I mean everyone will admire seeing a toy dog or little Chihuahua proudly walking around with these fancy little dog clothes.

But there is more to these Accessories than just fun and beautification purpose. As humans need everyday necessities to make our lives more comfortable; our dogs also need accessories to make their life comfortable as well. When we have a dog there are some accessories that simply tag with us along the way. Some of these accessories are a must and some are not. In this article, we will introduce some of the important accessories to have as a dog owner, and why they are necessary.

 Dog Collars: Dog collars are very essential; a collar can be used to control when taking your dog on walks. You can use a simple collar for easy going and well-trained dogs. You can as well use a collar for identification. Some dogs wear collars attach name tags to differentiate similar dogs. All dogs must have a collar, and all dogs need identification tags on them, along with the phone number and the name of the owner, in case they decide to go walkabout and get lost!

Dog Harnesses: Dog harnesses are necessary for traveling with your dog in cars. Harnesses restrain your dog properly so that they do not get injured in an accident or get in your way while driving; the dog finds it hard to resist climbing an empty lap, which can be dangerous while driving. Harnesses are also good for walking your dog, whether you have a dog that pulls or a sneaky dog like mine - who understood how to use the leash to pull out of his collar.

 Dog Clothing: Dog clothes are very important and have many benefits in many different situations. Many dogs may not have adequately thick coats to spend a lot of time outdoors comfortably. Just as we are indoor most of the time, so are most dogs. Therefore, as we put on extra clothing to go outside, our dogs can enjoy the same as well. For example, dog coats, which are available in many fabrics, including waterproof, and linings, could be the perfect solution for a stormy day and during the snow.

Also, Rain gear will keep your dog dry in the rain, Dog boots will help protect your dog feet from snow, ice or hot, rough pavement and dog sweaters can be perfect for adding snuggle warmth to an older or sick dog. In addition, there are other benefits to clothing, as well. For itchy dogs and dog with allergies, a dog shirt can make the skin less accessible, reducing chewing, licking and scratching.

 Dog Leashes: A leash is simply a lead that you can use while walking your dog. A dog leash is one of the most important accessories that you must have. It is even illegal in some countries to have your dog walk off leash in public. Leash sizes and length are an important factor too. If you have a big strong dog or a medium size dog, your will have a much better time controlling her with a short leash - especially if you need to cross the road. For a small dog, a longer leash is probably better since they are not strong enough to pull away.

Dog Accessories – Is it fashion or Necessity?

Of course! A puppy name, like your name, is important. It is what he will be called for the rest of his dog years. A puppy's name is heard and spoken more times than any other family member's name. Therefore, it is important to choose the right one. A good selection will help to make training the puppy that much easier since you will be repeating his or her name often.

You can always go for the common names such as Buddy, Lady, Sam, Lucy, and others. The problem with choosing a common name for your dog is that when you are in a park there will be several dogs there with the same name as your dog. This is why it is better to go for unique dog names. So, check out this lovely unique dog names!

Unique and Coolest Dog Names (Video)

Dogs and kids just go together. if you've been one of those fortunate people to have spent your childhood growing up alongside a well cared for dog, you will understand just how close a relationship can be forged between a child and her dog. Dogs can be wonderful teachers, playmates and friends to children, teaching them responsibility, respect, patience and more. If you don't have a dog, you might consider adopting one for the sake of your children.

BABY DOG WHISPERER! Cesar Millan has nothing on her!! This small Shorkie puppy is another ideal example of what little clowns these dogs are. Shorkie puppies are hypoallergenic and nonshedding and great with children of all ages. Enjoy this funny Video!


What is the cost of losing a customer? This pet store has a lot of explanation and apology for Samo if they really want to keep their loyal client. Samo is a very unhappy customer, after passing by his favorite pet shop only to be told it's closed, It was 11 P.M when Samo and his owner took a stroll.

If human store open for 24 hours, who said pet stores shouldn't be open for 24 hours anyway? Check out this adorable video of Samo a 5-year-old beagle/lab who refused to go home with it owner when realized the pet store has closed.

Dog is Sad the Pet Store is Closed, Refuses to go home (Video)

If dog loyalty and love for the owner is not enough to get one, how about their ability to help protect kids from allergies and obesity?

 Researchers have been studying the role that pets, particularly dogs, need to play in rates of allergies in children. Many have discovered that the so-called hygiene hypothesis is actually correct, which means that a little dirt early in Life can help fight allergies, including obesity in children. The latest research by Anita kozyrskyj a pediatric specialist at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, discovered new evidence on these human dog bonds and how this reduces the development of everything from asthma to obesity.

 As of 2013, she wondered whether she could point out what and how this may be occurring. Her team collected stool specimens from children of 4 months old in the Canadian Healthy Infants Longitudinal Development (CHILD) pilot study. Of the 24 children surveyed, 15 were living at home with at least one dog or a cat. What they found was that in a family with pets, children had a greater range of microbes in their guts. Microbes, as we now know, can be a good thing for our gut microbiome and the immune systems really develop along our gut’s "germs.’ This implies that if children grow in a more "sterile" pet-free environment, they would be more ill-equipped to "battle" germs as they grow up.

Kozyrskyj pointed out that "the profusion of these two bacteria (Firmicutes microbes) increased twice when there was a pet at home," indicating that the pet exposure was revealed to indirectly affects the guts microbiome in a roundabout way – from puppy to mother to unborn infant-throughout pregnancy and also throughout the first few months of the infant’s life. Interestingly, this study revealed that the presence of pets in a home reduces the probability of vaginal transmission of GBS (group B strep) during childbirth, which causes pneumonia in infants and is prevented by giving pregnant mothers antibiotics during delivery.

Kozyrskyj research affirms and extends the work that many other scientists have revealed that some "dirt" can be helpful and help prevent disease. Including one conducted at the Kuopio University Hospital in Finland in 2012, which focused on children during their first year, and examine the impact of contact with dogs on "incidence of respiratory symptoms and contaminations." Information about the period of time a dog spent inside was also gathered, and ends up being one of the key pointers

The outcomes were enlightening. Children with dogs at home were generally healthier, had less infectious respiratory issues, fewer ear infections and were less likely to require antibiotics. The researchers believe that these findings support the theory that children who live with dogs during their early years of life have better resistance during childhood. The researchers also discover that the consequence was greater if the dog spent less than six hours indoors, probably because the longer the dogs are outdoors, the more dirt it brings. And more dirt, more "bacterial diversity". It is believed that this diversity has a protective effect to help the child's immune system to mature, that is, to respond more effectively to infectious agents.

Subsequently, in 2013 the University of California, San Francisco, and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, conducted a study and discovered that living with a dog may prevent children from developing asthma. A childhood airway infectious agent known as Respiratory Syncytial virus (RSV), which is common in children, is related to a higher threat of childhood asthma. As indicated by Dr. Susan Lynch of the group, “Exposing the gastrointestinal tract to pet dust and additional microbes early in life prepares it to react properly to a range of invaders. But because our recent way of life involves living in spotless houses; our immune systems frequently overreact instead.” Early infancy is a significant period for developing a defense against allergies and asthma, and contact with pets like a dog can help.

 Ever since 2013, a Canadian researcher, Kozyrskyj has extended her research from 24 to 746 children, around half of whom were staying in households with pets. Her group then compared the babies' microbial communities.

The outcome was essentially the same, microbial life increased in the children living with pets. And not only that, the “team was now able to demonstrate that babies from families with pets (of which 70% were dogs) had higher levels of two kinds of Firmicutes microbes — Oscillospira and Ruminococcus , which have been connected with lesser risk of allergic sickness and leanness, respectively.

“Pet exposure can lessen allergic sickness and obesity” later in life, according to Hein Min Tun, a microbial epidemiologist and veterinarian and a member of Kozyrskyj’s research group.

Although it may be too soon to forecast how this study will play out in the future, they don’t rule out the idea of a “dog in a pill” as a protective tool for allergies and obesity.

Could having a Dog reduce obesity and allergies in children?

Do dogs really experience guilt? Do they know what they did to elicit anger from their human? This video may hold the answer to this ancient puzzle. If you have ever walked into your home at least once and found your dog waiting with a look you interpret as guilty for some not yet discovered doggie misdeed. Did she urinate on the carpet, chew up a favorite shoe, bark all day and disturb the neighbors?

The dog is worried about the situation and exhibiting body language that is meant to say something along the lines of “I am feeling so guilty for what I did." You probably have watched a host lot of other "guilty" dog videos posted on the web. But this is particular one is very touching. This Labrador is clearly filled with guilt and desperate to win over her owner.

Guilty dog desperately asks for forgiveness (Video)

Personal protection dogs are a great asset to any family. They are eager to guard the home, protect their masters and the kids devotedly. In this video, you will see a cute little girl in custody of a great Shepherd dog. The dog is extremely hard and civil and it is the first time working with the new helper.

So the dog took it very seriously like a true civil dog. The dog was bred and trained for this service. This video will you make an important security decision. Enjoy it!


Kids are usually fond of dogs; they are faithful companions with whom they like to hug or to whom they can tell their story. Usually, it goes very well, but be careful of bite incidents. Repeatedly the children have been victimized. Over 40% of kids being bitten by a dog is below ten years. In the vast majority of cases, it was bitten by the dog reacting to something that the child did and there was at that time no active custody by adults. So it is necessary that children learn how to safely deal with dogs.

But other things, such as who is in charge, are as important when it comes to children and dogs relationship. Fortunately most of the times they are buddies for life.

Talking about custody of a kid when playing with dogs, this father was in the active custody of his loving daughter when he recorded this uncommon beautiful moment between his daughter and their dog. This cute little girl shows that no matter how old you are, you can always let a dog listen to you. So cute, enjoy the video!

Most Beautiful Moment Between A Little Girl And Doggy (VIDEO)

Asking for how to feed a puppy, that refuse to eat is one of the most frustrating question every dog owner’s encounter at least once in their life, and in my opinion (maybe due to a cultural heritage that relates food to comfort and love) it’s one of the most disappointing of all issues.

Keep in mind no creature will willingly starve itself. If your puppy experiences a lack of appetite or an adjustment in behavior that goes on for over a week, always have him or her examine by a vet. You have to rule out sickness before embarking on taking care of your puppy eating problem.

That is one reason you need to check the puppy for an awful tooth as this is frequently overlooked as a reason for an eating problem. Include the gums and throat while you're carrying out the check. Besides eating problem can be complex, the examination is often challenging. The tips offered here are as a matter of fact short sighted and you should talk about them with your vet to check whether any of them is a reasonable solution for your puppy's condition.

This next part is important: The single most usual approach to improve a dog's appetite is to warm their food because it increases the aroma and makes it more appetizing. Likewise, consider mixing the puppy’s kibble with a little measure of canned dog food with a bit of water to make it enticing.

You can likewise carry out the following four practices when your puppy can't eat all alone and you are searching for what to feed the puppy.
Syringing: You'll require two or three large syringes from your vet. Using canned food; decide the amount of food your puppy needs to sustain his weight. Divide that amount down in half, and spoon it into a blender. Add enough warm water to the food and mix it into a fine puree. For every meal, delicately syringe the puree into the side of the puppy's mouth. Then again, you can cut the chase if the dog resists.

Pry the puppy's mouth open and squeeze the syringe plunger down so that the food streams to the side and back of the dog's mouth.

Stuffing: This is my least preferred method of feeding your dog for the reason that it's untidy and humiliating. In a nutshell, you make "food mixture" that is made narrow enough to slide down the back of the puppy's throat. A mixture of wet and dry food that has been pureed into a texture that allows shaping. A few people get better than average at doing this – and a few puppies who simply don't eat well turned out to be so used to eating along these lines that they'll stand calmly, lift up their little heads and open their mouths like guppies in anticipating for the next "mixture." Since the only thing that is in any way important is getting food into the dog, you do what works.

An IV attach: Finally, if you are still not satisfied with the above solution on what to feed a puppy, this last option is an "easy decision." At this point, a puppy is ill to the point that an IV is the final resort. It is not a viable alternative for the calories gotten from genuine food; however, at times it acts like a Band-Aid until the puppy is recovered and ready to eat all alone.


Rescuing a dog can be a very meaningful and rewarding thing to do. Taking a dog that has been abuse and giving it a permanent home, teaching them to trust again, is such a special thing to be able to offer. Of course, it can be incredibly challenging and, at times, irritating but the outcome surely outweighs any negative aspects. You will make a great decision in giving a dog a second chance and you can help ease the transition from nervous dog to pack leader!
Check out this amazing video of the Humane Society raiding a home puppy mill and found a dog on the floor of a dark and dingy room. The poor thing couldn’t walk, so they carried him to receive the care he needed. But the best part is when his rescuer sees him for the first time in his new home. Wow!

Abused and Neglected Dog Found a New Home

Nothing on your daily to-do list is as urgent as watching this Husky dancing to a beat, so put all of that unnecessary things, like working and paying bills aside. This video requires your full attention. So, it’s completely cute when your furry friend can make great dance move I just stumbled upon this amazing video. How else could I explain this video without you taking carefully look at this amazing dog? Can someone tell us why this animal didn’t participate in British Got Talent show? This is some top-notch dog talent. Enjoy the video

Funny husky dancing steps

There are various kind of dog training available today based on what your wants and feel your dog will be best at. Like show dog training, police dog training, Physical assistance training, search and rescue training etc. But in this article, we will deal with the basic training that is universal for every dog regardless of the breed and the purpose of acquiring the dog.

Before we continue congratulation on the purchase of your cute little puppy. Remember your new dog will need you and depend on you for a lot of things. Similar to a child who needs proper care, attention, and training. Your new dog is an extension of your family and needs to learn to fit in and live by the house rules.

Don’t forget each breed of dog has a different temperament as does each individual dog. Despite the differences, there are some basic things in common for training all dogs. As a first-time dog owner, you should know and follow these basic dogs training to help train your new dog and lay the foundation for a long, happy relationship with your dog.

Behavioral training: One training that is universal and appropriate for your puppies is any type of training that teaches dogs to behave well with both people and other animals. It may comprise of some basic instructions, like how to stop excessive barking, chewing, or chewing furniture. The goal of this training is to bring out the best in the dog and allow easy understanding between the dog and the owner.

 Home training: This type of training is very important and it should also start when the dog is still a puppy. House training has to do with training the dog to have house etiquette and to respect your space.
Teething: When your dog is teething, he is always in a lot of pain and they usually chew on furniture such as table legs, shoes etc. Potential training techniques to avoid chewing are spraying bad-smelling substance on the items that are at risk and providing the dog with chew toys

Positive reinforcement: This is a new kind of training approach and it has to do with rewarding the dog for good performance or for understanding the new trick. Dogs have a tendency to perform better when there is assurance of a reward. Likely rewards are snacks, rubbing his head, or giving the dog toys - the reward should include what the dog admire because all dogs are not the same.

Command training: This has to do with teaching your dog to follow the command with hand signals. These commands include signals like come, stay, attack, fetch, sit, lie down, and heel among others. This training requires patience and there are various techniques of dog training that can be used to achieve this such as giving rewards.

These are some of the most basic types of dog training to introduce to a new dog owner. With consistency, sticking to a schedule, being fair and firm, one will have a dog that will be helpful to the family and the society.

Basics Dog Training Tips for a new Dog Owner

Amazing…Pleasing…wonderful…incredible…very good…acceptable…not bad…could be better…Maybe the list still go on and on. Maybe if you were asked how your experience at dog training is going, perhaps this word range would be one or all of your answer. Well, it won’t be anything less than fantastic, I guess; there is nothing I can imagine that has the similar budding to make such a wonderful contribution to the quality of your life than opening your house to a dog or puppy. And, nothing has the potential to make your life entirely as miserable than opening your home to a dog or puppy.

What makes the disparity between the first experience and the second is TRAINING! Every experienced dog owner will recommend that training your dog in socialization and obedience is the complete best gift you can provide your dog, your family and yourself. When you determined to become a dog owner, you accept the responsibility to provide for your dog and make his life the happiest it can be. And, because the most imperative mission in a dog’s life is to please his owner, obedience training will help your dog accomplish his lifelong task. A properly trained dog will give you unconditional love, countless hours of enjoyment, and authentic, loyal companionship. While an untrained, non-sociable dog can wreak havoc in an otherwise stable, happy home. Please enjoy this video. World’s HARDEST Dog Tricks.

World’s HARDEST Dog Tricks (Video)

There are so many reasons why dogs are man’s best friend; this dog demonstrates one of them. You’ve seen several helping dogs in past, but not like this. Meet Millie, a super dog assists her owner by carrying the heavy shopping bags from the car to the house. The lady within the house encourages Millie to get one more shopping bag. At a time I thought Millie cannot carry this heavy weight, but she proves me wrong. Such an amazing dog, I wish I could also have that kind of helping the dog. There are a lot of Millies out there, somewhere… helping someone with their shopping. All you need to do is find him. Watch this amazing video

Awesome dog “Millie” assist carry shopping bags from the car

Perhaps you have seen them on the television or on YouTube: dogs who paint, act, drive, swim and do other tricks that a dog shouldn’t know how to do. The most recent of these unbelievable dogs performance is a dog that sings Whitney Houston song with the owner. I was astonished when I first saw the video, about a dog that sings Whitney Houston with the owner. I have seen videos of howling/singing, but this one is in fact entertaining and will surely make you clap for this amazing pet.

Dog sings Whitney Houston with the Owner (Video)

Do you know what these footballers have, or are you a football fan and crazy for dogs as well? Then check this out, we let you know how these gods of football are crazy for their dogs and even show you the picture of their furry friends.

Neymar a.k.a Neymar Junior: A Brazilian professional footballer. He plays as a forward for FC Barcelona (Spanish Club) and Brazil national team. Neymar is a proud owner of a Golden retriever named Poker.

Lionel Messi: Playing like the best football player in the world, this toughie is not only seen as the best player, but also an excellent dog father to the French Mastiff (Dogue de Bordeaux). Argentine professional footballer is a striker in Spanish club, FC Barcelona.

Memphis Depay: A Dutch footballer who plays as a winger for Lyon (French Club) and Netherlands National team. Frequently seen walk along with her gentle dog. Choa in Chinese dialect means a thin dog lion.

Christiano Ronaldo: The celebrated Portuguese player who plays as a forward for the Spanish Club, Real Madrid star is a well-known dog lover who recently made a headline when I adopted……….We got hold of one of his pictures with his adorable Labrador Marosca and can’t stop looking at it.

Marcelo Vieira: This great Brazilian footballer is a Real Madrid defender and a great dog lover. A proud owner of Newfoundland named Lola, Kiara & Ully the French bulldogs, a British Bulldog called Thiag, Bella, a miniature Pinscher, and Nalla the Labrador.

Mesut Ozil: Ozil never hides his affection for dogs. This great Arsenal player and Germany national team forward has an interesting story to tell when it comes to canines. He revealed that he was fearful of dogs before he decided to get home a cute pug to defeat his fears. He named it Balboa. The process of raising the dog and spending copious amounts of time with it has helped Mesut make this transformation into a genuine dog lover, a far cry from being afraid of dogs.

Aaron Ramsey: Another Arsenal player and Welsh midfielder is a great dog lover. Apart from his super sporting abilities he also dons the role of a glorious dad to this cute Beagle named Halo. Apparently, Halo got her name after his fans were asked to pitch in suggestions.

Harry Kane: Kane plays as a forward for Premier League Club, Tottenham Hotspur, and English National team. When he’s not playing, you’ll find him relaxing with his two Labradors, Brady and Wilson. Check out this cool trio chilling together.

Alexis Sanchez: Sanchez is another footballer playing as a forward for English Club Arsenal and the Chile national team. Apart from his record making transfer deal, he is also known to be a proud parent to two Golden Retrievers, named Atom and Humber in his yard.

James Rodriguez: James plays for Real Madrid and captains the Colombia National team. James is a dog lover and a proud parent to a Golden Retriever, Cocker Spaniel and French bulldog as seen in a happy pose in the picture.

Famous Footballers and their Furry Friends (Video)

There are a lot of human foods we’d love to share with our dogs, but among these foods, some are healthy while others are toxic to our dogs. If you ever wonder what healthy human foods could be harmful to your beloved dogs, then this article is for you. In this article, we will consider those foods that could actually harm or kill our furry friends. After all, there's nothing worse than having your dog suffer over a simple blunder in the diet. Even as they're still man's best friend, they perhaps shouldn't eat like your best friend. Below are foods that can be dangerous to our dog health.

Grapes: Grapes and raisins can cause rapid kidney failure. Although currently it’s unknown what chemicals and compounds are in grapes that cause toxicity in dogs, the results of consumption can be pretty devastating.  Although it differs between dogs, signs may not show up in them. Dogs will as well develop dehydration and lack of appetite. Death from kidney failure may happen within four to five days. 

Chocolate: Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, which should on no account be consumed by dogs. It can cause severe agitation, abdominal pain, muscle tremors, irregular heart rhythm, vomiting, dehydration, raised body temperature, seizures, and, of course, death. So, chocolate is dangerous to your dog health.

Avocados: Avocado leaves, pits, bark, and fruit contain a toxin called persin. This can cause difficulties in breathing, disturb stomachs and fluid buildup in the chest…The most dangerous part of the avocado may be the pit. Since it’s very slippery, the pit can accidentally be swallowed by a dog, leading to obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract.

Xylitol: Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that has become increasingly more common in our food. Initially, it was found mainly in gum, mints, and candies, but now it is found in all kinds of processed foods like yogurt, can foods, and many low carbs or sugar-free products. It is also commonly found in toothpaste and mouthwash, so be sure not to brush your dog's teeth with your toothpaste, or cure their bad breath with your mouthwash.

 Don't take this one lightly. Even a little quantity of xylitol can cause complete liver failure and death. The poisonous effects will normally show up within 30 minutes of consumption. It causes a rapid increase in insulin and a sudden and dramatic decrease in blood sugar. The symptoms comprise of vomiting, ataxia (stumbling around with uncoordinated movements), and general weakness, seizures, and coma.

Bacon: It's absolutely tragic that we can't share one of the greatest foods out there with our dogs. Research proved that Foods rich in fat, like bacon, may lead to disease, pancreatitis in dogs and all sorts of problems with digestion and nutrient absorption even coma.

In conclusion, Note that not every dog is the same. All dogs are different. Depending on the species and size of your dog, some foods may or may not be safe. Always consult with a vet or do a quick Google search. The sure thing to do is keep them away from the bad foods listed in this article.

Most Poisonous Human Food You Shouldn’t Feed Your Dog