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Relationship between dog and human have been existed for thousands of years, studies show that the first domesticated dogs came about 33,000 years. It also revealed ways that the bond between dogs and humans has created many ways in which dogs express how much they love their family.

So here are the 9 Ways Dogs Tell You They Love You

1. When staring at you. Your dog stares are an expression of love. I think Brian Hare, a well- known dog expert said it all, that when the dog looks you in the eyes, he is “hugging you with his eyes”. Research also proves that such natural looks release oxytocin, the same hormone that help mothers bond with their babies.

2. Bringing you his Favorite toy. When your dogs bring you his favorite toy, it means more than just wanting to play. They want to offer their greatest possession for your enjoyment because they love you.

3. Yawning when you yawn: As contagious as yawning is between human. It can also happen between dog and people they love. A study found that when dogs mimic people’s yawns it is because the dog is bonded with that person. The study also found that dogs were more liable to yawn when their owners yawned, than when a stranger yawn.

4. Lifting and wiggling eyebrows: According to a recent study carried out in Japan, dogs were introduced to their parent, a stranger, a dog toy, and an item they didn’t like. The research proves that, when seeing their owner, the dogs immediately lifted their eyebrows; this suggests the dog is more reserved and in love with their owner than when they are engaging someone they don’t know.

5. Watching you leave calmly. Have you ever noticed the calm and sad expression on your dog face when you walk out of the house? It means your dog loves and trusts you and is confident that you will return. And they will wait at the window when they sense that you’re coming home. Looking sadly out, as one waiting for a lover to come home. Even your real lover doesn’t do that.

6. Freaking out when you return. This is your dog distinctive way of showing they love you. Believe me as a dog owner we feel special when we come home and we’re greeted by our dog with his tail wagging, a favorite toy in as a present, and he’s jumping all over the place. This is a sign of your love.

7. Leaning on you. Leaning is also a symbol of affection, although sometime your dog will lean on you because he is nervous, and wants you to do something, or take him somewhere. He is still doing it because he thinks of you to protect him and keep him from danger.

8. Cuddling with you after mealtime. Your dog cuddling with you after a meal is not just for the reason of you feeding them, it’s because they love you and regard you as their best friend. Like Berns, said in his book, if your dog cuddles with you after eating, it’s a strong sign that they do indeed love you. Believe me it is.

9. Sitting on your knee: Most of the time when your dog demand to sit on your lap or knee, it’s not only that he wants to be close to you, it means more than that. He is saying, ‘This is mine; don’t go near it.’ He does for the following reasons, because he feels secure about his place in your life, to warn other dogs around and because he wants to protect you.

9 Ways Dogs Tell You They Love You

Sadly, our nation's shelters and rescue organizations always house needy older dogs; a lot of these Animal shelters are filled with healthy and active older dogs that are in need of a home. And these animals usually wait far longer to find their "forever home" than younger dogs.

This may be due to the believe that it’s risky to adopt the older dogs since they have already been in the hands of other dog owners and probably learned a whole lot of things that the new candidate may not want to face. The fact is that most of those older dogs are in the shelter because their owners cannot take adequate care of them anymore.

Here are just 7 of many great reasons you may want to consider adopting on older dog

  1. Because most of these older dogs are housetrained, obedience-trained and most likely know several tricks; their demands on your time are very much less than puppies or younger dogs.
  2. These dogs seem to appreciate that they have been given another chance for a great life, and they always thank you for that. They are liable to be very loyal and dedicated to their new owner.
  3. You save their life. Animal shelters are filled to capacity and sad, older dogs are among the first to be euthanized if they are not adopted within a limited time. By adopting an older dog, you are not only providing it with a better life, but are also saving it from being euthanized.
  4. Easier to train: You can teach an old dog new trick, you can train dogs at any age and older dogs are just as intelligent as younger ones. They have a greater concentration span than a puppy, which make them easier to train.
  5. They are Good companions. Older dogs are different from a puppy, which requires leash training, etc. They are ready to go with you on a long walk and already know how to play fetch. An adult dog will make a great workout companion, a loyal friend, and a late night nuzzle buddy.
  6. Older dogs aren’t problematic. Most of these dogs lose their homes for a number of reasons like moves, career changes, new babies, death of a guardian, which usually has nothing to do with their behavior or personality. Older dogs are a perfect choice for someone who has never had a dog before, and also they are a great source of love and distraction of a family who may have lost a pet. They adapt very fast to a new home, and folks often speak of a sense of appreciation that accompanies an older dog coming into a new home from a shelter home. So, don’t make the mistake of believing an older pet is available for adoption because something is “wrong” with them!
And, as various shelters offer discounts for older dogs during November which is recognized as “Adopt an Older Pet Month” In some countries, and a lot of animal shelters offer discounted or waived adoption fees for pets above a certain age to celebrate the occasion, makes it ideal.

6 reasons for Adopting an Older dogs