California Town Elects Dog as Mayor

Yes, you read that correctly. A small town of Idyllwild, California elected its very new mayor, an exceptionally good boy named Max who also happens to be a golden retriever. You will agree there is nothing more adorable and noble than a dog with a job.

The number of dog and cat mayoral race for the post was contested by 14 dogs and two cats. People paid $1 to vote and all proceeds were donated to animal rescue services. Maxi is always seen cruising around town in his personalized dog-proof pickup truck and makes regular public appearances.

Idyllwild is a non-incorporated town, which means they are not qualified for regular municipal elections. But honestly, who wants regular municipal elections when you can see Max patrolling and turning up to ribbon-cuttings? Max has fun, no doubt, but he also has his responsibilities. Max job description includes promising to support commissioners in their projects, support the mountain community, and attend community events, such as festivals and parades, speak out on behalf of the animals of the mountain and also do his best to accept invitations for official visits. Other responsibilities include receiving pat, scratches, rub, and of course, doling friendly licks to the deserving citizens.

When his duties become confusing a bit, Max can always count on his two deputy mayors, Mitzi and Mickey, who are dogs too. Together, the trio and their Chief of Staff, Phyllis Muller, keep Idyllwild in a pleasant and fun place to live. According to Phyllis, “his role is to make the world a better place by giving unconditional love and doing many good deeds for others," says Phyllis ABC.

The role will last for life, so we hope to see even more of Mayor Max in the coming years. He sure beats other animals who’ve been elected recently and the way things are going Max will perhaps last longer in office.

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