Firefighters group couldn’t stop laughing when a passing dog decided to give them a helping hand

Anyone who has ever seen dogs and their owners walking through town, getting on a bus or waiting to cross the road cannot have failed to be amazed at how clever and highly intelligent those dogs are. I for one find them highly fascinating. This is another story about our furry friend that proves that a dog is really a best friend.

A group of firefighters was trying to bring down a tree and it seemed they were struggling a bit. Fortunately, a dog who was passing by with its owner simply decided to help them out and join their efforts to bring down the tree.

The firemen were dragging on a rope tied around the tree as much as they could but did not move. When the pooch saw the extra length of the rope, he decided to contribute its strength. The dog owner could be seen trying to drag his dog away but it was in vain, the dog tenacity was just too awesome.

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