Dog rescues girl in the sea thinking she’s in trouble

This is the surprising moment when a dog tries to drag a girl to a safe place after seeing her submerge in the sea. Matyas grabbed his owner’s granddaughter's shirt and dragged her to the sand near Gouville sur Mer in France.

But there was only one catch: the child was not in trouble at all and, in fact, she really enjoying herself as she played in the water.

The video of the dog rescue attempt begins with the girl laughing while lying in the sea with her feet in the air. But soon a small ripple splash over her face and the worried pup decides she has had enough for the day.

Gently latching on to her top, the dog pulls her towards the shore until she is clear from the edge of the water. Then he decides that she is now safe enough to leave her.

Fortunately, the girl did not seem to mind, as she laughed constantly all the way. The video, filmed on August 3, has become a social media hit.

Since its upload, it has already got more than one million viewers and has been shared by thousands of dog lovers. Check out this amazing video!

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