Dog Treadmill - A Raining Day Solution for walking your Dog

You love almost everything about being a dog owner, but you still haven't reached the point where taking your dog for walks in the rain or snow, or late at night, are fun for you. Yet there your dog sits, eagerly awaiting a romp and a chance to stretch his or her legs. But the weather is bad, sickness, or time issues, having a dog treadmill will give you a convenient dog exercising alternative. And keeping your dog fit is what's important.

In addition, if you are priming your pooch for a show, having a dog treadmill can be a real advantage. Watching your dog's gaits as it moves on the treadmill will give you an idea of how it will appear to the show's judges, and if the animal does not appear to be moving properly, you can fix the problem before it gets worse.

Your Dog Treadmill Options

A dog treadmill can be either motor or dog-powered, and the dog-powered ones will cost the least. Dog-powered treadmills have been around as canine training and fitness tools for a very long time.

There are, however, some dog owners who like the features offered by a motor-driven dog treadmill; these machines have a built-in incline and speed adjustments, and some of them have even more advanced features.

You can choose a dog treadmill which has "bait" which hangs in front of your dog's face and keeps Fido interested in the chase, or those with protective walls which keep Fido from tumbling off. You will also find dog treadmills designed with dogs of particular sizes and temperaments in mind, so talk to your dog's trainer or veterinarian for suggestions on how to narrow down your choices.

Getting Doggie To Use The Treadmill

Many dogs will be reluctant to hop on a motorized dog treadmill for the first time because such machines tend to be noisy. But your dog will eventually get used to the noise.

While the machine is idle, let your dog take as much time as it needs to sniff it and get accustomed to its presence. After a little while, signal your dog to jump onto the dog treadmill the way you signal him or her to jump into your car. You can even put the dog on a leash and walk it back and forth along the treadmill for a couple of minutes.

When you decide to operate the machine, stand in front of it and continue to hold onto the leash, so that the dog will have an impression of being led. Look straight into your dog's eyes and use an encouraging tone of voice.

Having a dog treadmill in the house will solve the problem of those rainy. Cold, or snowy days, and give you a way to add to your dog's exercise regimen without extra inconvenience. You can find a good selection of dog treadmills at your local pet center, or from your dog's trainer.

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