Colombian cartel places $7,000 bounty on talented police dog

Colombian authorities have been forced to transfer a police dog responsible for snuffling out more than 2,000 kilograms of cocaine after a drug cartel placed a $7,000 price on the animal.

The Police just learned that the powerful "Gulf Clan", also recognized as "Ogas", had offered the reward for the capture or death of Sombra, a six-year-old German shepherd.

The intimidation impelled the officials to move Sombra - whose name in Spanish means Shadow – from the port of Turbo on the Caribbean coast to the capital, where she is now using her amazing talent at Bogotá’s El Dorado International Airport. Bogotá.

According to Officer José Rojas, Sombra’s 25-year-old handler "Her sense of smell is far beyond that of other dogs."
The pooch is transported between her shelter and the airport in a van with tinted windows and is usually escorted by two armed guards.

The country soaring output of coca, the raw material of cocaine - is testing traditionally close relations with the United States. A recent report by the White House found the amount of land where farmers and drug traffickers harvested the plant used to manufacture cocaine increased by 11 percent in 2017, despite $10 billion in US counter-narcotics work.

Mr. Ivan Duque, the country president is hopeful a stronger approach to speed up the eradication with policies that could include aerial spraying and the use of drones. However, even with advanced technology, professionals say on-the-ground detective work like that performed by Sombra is important.

Many of Sombra recent raids include the discovery of more than five tons of cocaine from the Gulf clan cocaine destined for Europe and hidden in banana crates. Officials also credit her amazing nose with more than 245 drug-related arrests at two of Colombia's largest international airports.

According to a recent story in Colombia’s El Espectador newspaper, “Sombra the German shepherd has become the terror of criminal organizations.”

Colombia’s national police director ordered her to be transferred to a new post earlier this year after learning that there was a price on Sombra’s head. According to local news reports, Investigators revealed the threat against Sombra through an intercepted telephone call. The Police estimate that it has lost more than 1,800 officers in the last two decades and a number of dogs to the war on drugs. Watch the video of Sombra below!

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