Dog hides owner’s phone so she’ll spend more time with him

The dog has been very frustrated by the owner's addiction to the iPhone this week, so he decided to seize it.
Dunkin, a silver Labrador, was videoed by his owner, Haley Deecken, removing her phone from her reach every time she went looking for it.

The three-year-old dog is caught on camera covering the phone with its paws, moving it away from her as well as standing guard over it.

According to experts, dogs around the world suffer from anxiety and depression as a result of their owner’s phone addiction.

Haley, of Glen Cove, New York, recognizes that your dog does not like her being on phone.

She said: Dunkin is very upset when she uses her mobile phone.

"Sometimes, he'll simply rest his jaws on my fingers, so I cannot move my hand to use the touch screen.
 "Other instances he just looks at me frustrated and begins to bark in protest.

"His sad face makes me feel guilty about using it when it's present."

"I always try to restrict the use of my phone when Dunkin is in the room.

"He must think he’s being ignored when am looking at the screen not him.

"I realize that it can have a negative effect on dogs, so I try to check my phone when my dog is not present."
Watch the amazing video below

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