Lion asking dog for forgiveness

An interspecies friendship is a bond form between animals of different species. Domestication of animals has to lead to very strange interspecies friendships between two (or more) species that would naturally never exist together otherwise.

This is a story of a lion and a dog. These are just some of the many animal friendships we’ve seen lately where two animals that shouldn’t get along unexpectedly do. It’s amazing! It’s heart-warming! The New York Times article “Learning from Animal Friendships” tried to explain these relationships and it was great food for thought.

There are a lot of dog pairings out there, and I don’t find it surprising at all. Dogs are awesome! Also, I think it’s because dogs have been domesticated and bred by humans to be more docile. That also applies to horses, sheep, cats, and any other domesticated animal -- including that chicken. Animals that we’ve domesticated are more open to relationships because we’ve conditioned them to be in a relationship with us.

Watch an incredible bond between two friends since they were young, a chocolate lab and a mighty white lion and, the lion goes and kisses the dogs paw.

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