Dog casually walks through live weather broadcast

We all love to take our pet to work– but this is what happens when it backfires spectacularly.

A weatherman was halfway through his forecast when a big dog casually strolled past him in the background, in full view of the cameras.

We can only assume that means it’s going to rain cats and dogs.

WMUR Meteorologist Josh Judge managed to keep his composure despite the uninvited visitor interrupting his forecast in Manchester, New Hampshire, for WMUR-TV.

He says: ‘so the system is pulling away right now and the sunshine increasing and…there is a dog behind me.’

After chuckling at the strange scene, Josh adds: ‘It’s not the dog days of summer just yet, but it will be at least warmer than you’d expect for this time of year.’

The presenter comments that the pup belongs to a colleague named Amy, and finds out its name is Bella after asking someone off-screen.

He later added on Twitter: ‘While I was doing the weather this morning…a dog walked by behind!!! ‘Caught me off-guard…I didn’t realize Amy had brought her dog to work! LOL.’

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