Instagram model is sued for 'sexually arousing a dog'

Munira, an Instagram model who is being prosecuted for purportedly sexually arousing a dog during filming, says she is the true victim in the case.

The model was shooting at the poolside when the dog came to her and started getting frisky.

The model is now being prosecuted by Tony Toutouni, the dog owner, who claimed the model sexually aroused his dog by playing with the dog’s genitals.

According to the lawsuit filed by Toutouni, the dog stands about 5ft high when on his hind legs, while Munira is approximately 5ft 6in.

Toutouni mentions that Mounira "began playing sensually with the dog, arousing Hef by playing with his genitals and masturbating him.

But this model insists that it was the dog owner Toutouni, who was harassing her sexually by encouraging his dog to mount her.

At one point, the pooch could be seen thrusting and “even seems to place its front legs on her buttocks ".

In a video posted on TMZ, Munira says Toutouni can be heard saying things like: "just move your ass and let him sniff it" and instructing the dog to "f ** k her!"

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