Storm Eleanor providing a perfect Doggie Playground

On Wednesday morning, January 3, storm Eleanor hit the British mainland. Thousands of homes remain without electricity, and buildings have been severely damaged by strong winds, and meteorologists warn of the "danger to life" from flying debris.

Cars were stranded in flooded roads throughout the United Kingdom after rivers exploded on their banks and coastal areas were hit by massive tidal surges. Engineers worked through the night of January 4 in an attempt to reconnect the houses and companies that left power.

A yellow weather warning was issued in Northern Ireland, England, Wales and in southern Scotland, which lasted until nightfall, and the Meteorological Office warned of public transport disruptions, closed bridges, power outages, telephone outages and freak waves.

Storm Eleanor really messed up most of Britain, with fallen trees, overturned trucks and trash scattered through the streets. But there is a good element to horrible weather like this, and that is the video of dogs out there battling through the rain and wind. And while the storm wreaks havoc throughout Europe, some dogs take advantage of the sea foam created by the strong winds and waves produced by the storm. Watch the video of this perfect Doggie Playground.

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