Dog Trapped in Ice is Finally Rescue

A dog, man’s best friend, or a ladies best friend too. A lot of people have a dog for their best friend. Many people take joy in getting fresh air with their furry four-legged friend. Dogs are very faithful to their masters. They love them without ever asking for much in return. An occasional pat on the head and a brushing or grooming may do the trick for showing their love.

Many dogs today are greatly abused. It is terrible to leave a dog outside all day long while we humans work hours. Leaving a dog outside is necessary, but in that do they have a cool place to lay or sit? Do they have food and fresh water? These are things that need to be considered when caring for a dog.Dogs in their own way are humans.

We should care for them like we care for small children. They have always been faithful to us humans. They do not look for much and they ask for little in return. In this video, RSPCA inspector Jacqui Miller did not only give little in return. But went all out to successfully rescue a dog that had gotten stuck in a frozen river. The inspector was secured with a rope and prone down to reach the dog without falling through the ice herself. She then frees the dog who then stumbles back to shore.

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