Cushing's Disease in Dogs

Cushing's disease in dogs is one of the most ignored of all dog diseases, since symptoms are often confused to be a normal part of the dog's aging process. This is also known as the hyperadrenocorticism, it is possible to improve the dog’s health and treat this dog disease, but first of all it is important to recognize the symptoms. The following are the most common symptoms:

-Weight gain
- Lethargy
- An increase intake of water
- pancreatitis in dogs
- seizures
- An increased frequency and quantity of urination (this may include having your dog urinate inside the house when this was previously not a problem)
- An increased appetite, which can lead to stealing food and begging
-Swollen belly or a pot belly

The real tip off when it comes to Cushing's disease in dogs is usually the owner noticing that their pets is drinking a whole lot more water than he or she used to, and for no understandable reason.

What causes Cushing's disease in dogs?
There are three reasons why Cushing's disease in dogs occurs: veterinary/medical interference , this means that your dog may have been prescribed a lot of steroidal treatment, pituitary tumor, or an adrenal tumor. In all three cases, too much cortisol is in the dog's blood, which is actually poisoning your pet.

How is Cushing's disease in dogs treated?

Treating Cushing’s disease in dogs really depends on what causes the problem. As with the medical or veterinary interference mentioned above, the simple answer is to stop giving these medications to your dog. When it comes to pituitary and adrenal tumors, one of the best ways to treat Cushing's disease in dogs is that your dog is subject to several sessions of chemotherapy. As with adrenal tumors, it is possible that the tumor can be removed surgically, this will end the disease.

The goal of any treatment is to improve the quality of your dogs healthy instead of extend his or her life. The sad reality is that the life expectancy of a dog with Cushing's disease is shorted from 1 to 3 years, but as long as you give your dog a comfortable life, then you have done your part as a caring owner.

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